Cody Rhodes

Ring of Honor issued a press release on Saturday announcing that former WWE star Cody Rhodes (now only going by the name Cody) has agreed to terms on a new exclusive multi-year agreement with the company going forward.

Cody, the current ROH Champion, will only wrestle domestically for ROH going forward. According to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, he will continue to take on select dates internationally and dates with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Cody was granted his release from WWE last May.

You can check out the full press release issued by ROH below.


Cody to sign a contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling

September 23, 2017 – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – After an incredible run like no other this past year that saw Cody compete all around the world in promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, The Crash, APW, PWA Canada, and Northeast Wrestling just to name a few, The American Nightmare has decided to ink a domestically exclusive contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling, where Cody is currently the World Heavyweight Champion. The official signing of this contract will take place tonight at the ROH Television Tapings at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas and it will air in October.

Just one month ago on Dinner with The King (Jerry Lawler’s Podcast), Cody stated “Ring of Honor hates the fact that I genuinely remained a free agent; I did not sign a contract with them. I signed on for various dates, and I have many dates left with them. I really like Ring of Honor. But I’m not going to be exclusive anywhere. I did exclusive.” After much deliberation, the hottest free agent in professional wrestling has had a change of heart.

When asked about this, Cody said “I grew up in this business, I’ve seen its peaks and valleys…I know we are entering an unprecedented time in pro wrestling/sports entertainment and it’s time to put my flag in the sand. Joe Koff and his team put together such a generous offer…with some non-wrestling projects on the horizon that I hope to announce soon, and the potential of starting a family down the road…it was a perfect fit. Myself, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page, Matt and Nick Jackson…it’s the dream team…like the 1992 dream team. I have several goals in mind for myself and for ROH and I can’t wait to get started.”

The exact terms and length of the deal cannot be disclosed, but it is the most generous offer in Ring of Honor history and Cody will be in an ROH ring for the next several years. Cody will still be able to compete internationally around the world while calling ROH his home base. He will also continue to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling who has a partnership with ROH.

Ring of Honor General Manager Greg Gilleland said, “When Cody first started competing in ROH, we knew we wanted him to be exclusive, but respected his wishes to try out the rest of the industry. Finalizing this deal is another big step in his career and a great step in the continued development of the Ring of Honor brand, delivering the best, real professional wrestling to a rapidly growing and the most passionate fanbase around the world.”

In addition to his in-ring activities, Cody’s brand continues to grow with recent appearances on the CW hit series ARROW opposite Stephen Amell playing the character Derek Sampson and several non-wrestling projects on the horizon. Cody is also a collaborator at the Nocking Point Winery and has his American Nightmare t-shirts in Hot Topics throughout the US and Canada.


  1. WWE didn’t stole his name because WWE has always own the Rhodes name since Dusty Rhodes Started his career in WWF plus if it was a big deal then why don’t Cody just use his real name Cody Runnels

  2. How am i wrong tell me. If you did your research instead of typing crap that you think you know then you will not make yourself look like a stupid dumbass that believes everything that is 100% wrong

  3. You have google, google Dusty Rhodes! He was never a WWE guy until much much later in his career, WWE signs wrestlers so they can own them forever, they are an evil company, do some research kid!

  4. Vince McMahon always have a clause in Superstars contracts that gives WWE the rights to there names & Gimmicks so when Dusty Rhodes wrestled for Vince McMahon in 1989 he also gave WWE the rights to the Rhodes name. plus Dusty Rhodes never became famous until he started wrestling for the WWF & WCW

  5. “WWE signs wrestlers so they can own them ”
    So you are saying WWE stole the Rhodes name but you just also said that when they signed up, they got the rights to that name? Any sense you’re making there?

  6. Do some research on Dusty and possibley the whole era of wrestling he came from, i.e. pre WCW and WWF. When wrestling was truly kayfabe.

  7. If Vince owns the name of every superstar he signs, why were Terry Bollea, Richard Fliehr, Booker Huffman, and Scott Rechsteiner able to use the names Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Booker T, and Scott Steiner respectively when they were in TNA? Why was Randy Poffo able to use the name Macho Man Randy Savage in WCW? Why is Phil Brooks called CM Punk in MMA circles? Oh here’s one more. Why was Virgil Runnels, Jr. able to use the name Dusty Rhodes in TNA? There are plenty of others I cold mention. The reason the people above were able to use those names after leaving WWE is simple. Vince doesn’t own them.

  8. Well in regards to CM Punk, according to him, they basically just signed him on as a talent enhancement wrestler (jobber) and never gave enough of a damn about him to try to sign his name away from him. He sheds more light on that subject here:
    As for Hulk Hogan, Marvel Comics legally lets him use the name Hulk. WWE has no rights to it. As for Booker T, that’s actually partly his legal name: Robert Booker Tio Huffman so every legal weasel at Vince’s command can’t sign someone’s legal name out from under him. And like Punk, Macho Man, the Steiners, Flair, Lex Luger, Honky Tonk Man, Rowdy Roddy Piper, etc.. had their monickers prior to signing with WWE & they refused to sign them over. Plus I guess Vince just wasn’t as big of a dick about it back then as he is now.

  9. Two Slight corrections: Before he came to the WWE, The Honky Tonk Man wrestled under his real name, Wayne Ferris, both in singles competition and as half of The Blond Bombers (the other half was the late Larry Latham aka Moondog Spot). Also, Marvel never had a problem with the name Hulk Hogan. Their issue was with the fact that he was originally known as The Incredible Hulk Hogan. The word Marvel had issue with was Incredible not Hulk.

    “As for Booker T, that’s actually partly his legal name: Robert Booker Tio Huffman so every legal weasel at Vince’s command can’t sign someone’s legal name out from under him. And like Punk, Macho Man, the Steiners, Flair, Lex Luger, Honky Tonk Man, Rowdy Roddy Piper, etc.. had their monickers prior to signing with WWE & they refused to sign them over.”

    That just further illustrates the point I was making to the now deleted poster.

    One more thing. You said “Plus I guess Vince just wasn’t as big of a dick about it back then as he is now…” Vince has been that way for decades.
    As an illustration, I present the story of the late great, Ray Traylor aka WWE Hall of Famer The Big Bossman. When Traylor went to WCW in 1993, he wanted to keep his prison guard character. WCW first renamed Traylor as The Boss and changed the color of his shirt from the bright blue he wore in WWF (as the company was known then) to a dark blue almost black color. After legal whining from WWF, WCW remaned the character a second time, this time calling Traylor The Man. After more legal whining from WWF, WCW gave up. WCW wrote Traylor’s prison guard character out of story lines and would show him training with The Guardian Angels. When Traylor returned to WCW TV he was named The Guardian Angel. After a lheel turn some time later, Traylor reverted to the character he first wrestled as: Big Bubba Rogers. Traylor would later start performing under his real name and join the nWo. In 1998, Traylor would return to the WWF (as the company was known then) and once became The Big Bossman but with a new look. Traylor now wore a black SWAT style outfit that would become the inspiration for The Shield’s gear (which Roman Reigns still wears) years later.

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