Tenille Dashwood

Former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood, aka (Emma) made her debut with ROH tonight on the “Honor Reigns Supreme” show.

Dashwood came out and announced  that she will be the 16th participant in the Women of Honor tournament. The tournament is being held to crown the first ever Women of Honor Champion.

After announcing she was entering the tournament, new ROH enforcer Bully Ray asked Dashwood to compete later on tonight night, which  she agreed to.

You can watch the rest of the show live on ROHWrestling.com, Facebook Live or the FiteTV app.


  1. funny, she was highlighted over at wrestlecrap not long ago, i expected tna or whatever they’re called today to give her a run.

  2. Probably can’t afford her 😉 may have exhausted their budget in short term contracts with Aries, Del Rio, Morrison/impact and the like!

  3. It still amazes me that WWE passes on Emma, but still keeps some of the crap they have on their women’s roster because Stephanie McMahon is trying to make some kind of a non-kayfabe political point.

  4. Kevin sir i would like to commend you for not calling Tenille Dashwood by her former moniker that was the highlight to me

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