Bob Magee of passed this along as a follow up to an earlier report describing the bathroom facilities at the former ECW Arena as “deplorable conditions” at the Extreme Rising event last night in Philadelphia.

Regarding the story on supposedly deplorable conditions at the Arena last night…

1) The Arena in the old days had less urinals than were there last night. The bathrooms are being set up for at least 20 (each). There were 4-5 last night. Anyone who finds that situation bad obviously never went to shows here with as many as twice the crowds.

2). The comment about sinks is correct, but again…the sinks weren’t always working in the old days. Hell, the place was so overfilled in the ECW days people couldn’t even GET to the bathrooms and were happy with whatever they could get.

Roger intends to do the formal opening in March, but the Extreme Rising group and Steve O’Neill wanted to run a show in December, and got Roger to go along. Roger personally went into the line as doors opened and explained things to the crowd….so no one can say they were unaware.

As someone who was at over what was easily 150 shows over the year from 1993-2012, the building was a work in progress last night. If someone was expecting Madison Square Garden before, since, or in the future of the Arena…they couldn’t have ever been a fan.