Thomas Rude sent this in.


Belvidere-Stateline Pro Wrestling at the UAW 1268 Union Hall: Aaron Xavier pinned Brandon Simpson…Machine pinned Pastor Randall Phelps…Melanie Cruise pinned Nick Cutler…Saney Fury pinned Greasy D…Mo Foley pinned Martyr…Sunny Ago pinned Joey Brittan…Matthew Fontaine defeated Damien Tyler & Marcello Spade in a Triple Threat Match…Ruff Crossing defeated Jack Carpenter in a Bull Rope Match…Pauly Thomaselli & Kid Kash defeated The Midnight Express Reboot. (3/15/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Alas De Fuego & Cruz De Angel defeated Blue Inferno & Destructor Sr…Acid Jaz & Team Two Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated Destructor Alfa, Dimencia & Will Dolla…The Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) defeated The Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett & Willie Richardson)…2 Hot 4 & (Chico Suave, D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino) defeated Revelion Chicana (Destructor Jr. & Dark Scorpion) & Golden Star…Barry Ryte defeated Kenny Sutra & Kuni Silencio in a Triple Threat Match…Bryce Benjamin pinned Atomico. (3/23/14)

Woodstock-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio 2: Outlaw Jay pinned Chris Classic…Jack Carpenter pinned Will Dolla…Cutta Crosby defeated Matt Dewar by Countout…Texas Pete & Shockwave defeated D’Angleo Steele & Big J Knight…Alex Bernadino defeated The Masked Stretcher & Mr. Bank$ to become the new PPW Triple Threat Heritage Champion…Sunny Ago pinned Andy Anderson…The Hellbillies (Cousin Eddie & Outlaw Jay) defeated Natural Fury (Marcello Spade & Shane Fury)…Backwoods Brown defeated Michael Mack by Countout…Milad Akbar defeated Matt Vine by Submission. (3/22/14)


Elkhart-Strongstyle Wrestling at the Tolson Center: Jynx pinned Anthony Toatalee…Bushwhacker Luke pinned Hardcore Harry…Mark Vandy pinned Kharn Alexander…Dru Skillz & Appollo Starr defeated Chase Matthews & Sean Tyler and Ovirload & Mojo McQueen in a Triple-Threat Match…Jack Thriller defeated Osyris by Countout…Bolt Brady defeated Hakim Zane & GPA…Russ Jones pinned Rod Street…The Painkillers defeated The Hooligans…Jake Omen defeated Remi Wilkins by DQ. (3/21/14)


Parkville-Eastern Wrestling Alliance at Tall Cedars Hall: *FIRST ROUND-FATAL FOUR WAY* John Berg defeated Chris Burns, Trent Farrell & Kenny Browning; Shaun Cannon defeated TJay Sykes & The Hellcats; Blood defeated TNT Boom, Ray Black & Hijynx; Michael’s Amaydo defeated Patt Anthony, Mike Atlas & Matt Wylde…Cannon defeated Blood by State Athletic Commission Stoppage…Amaydo pinned Berg…Desert Storm defeated Greywolf in a Last Man Standing Match. (3/15/14)


Taylor-CLASH Pro Wrestling at the Taylortown Trade Center: Petey Williams & Canadian Destroyer defeated Elk & Ded Vaughn to become the new CLASH Tag Team Champions…Tommy Treznik defeated Matthew Priest in a CLASH to the Past Present of Future Match…The Dolphin Legends defeated Team Swaggball…Justin Mane pinned Marion Fontaine…Tatanka pinned Dragon Greed…Gavin Quinn pinned J. Miller. (3/15/14)


Las Vegas-Future Stars of Wrestling at Sam’s Town: Big Duke, Virgil Flynn & Greg Romero defeated Cutler Wright, Cash & Nick Bugatti…Willie Mack pinned Wiseguy…Suburban Commandos defeated Gods of War in a 6-Team Tag Guanlet Match…Brandon Gatson defeated Jakob Austin Young, Sikou & Gregory Sharpe…Clutch pinned Sugar Brown…Whirlwind Gentlemen defeated Rocknes Monsters…Shelly Martinez pinned Reby Sky…Alkatrazz pinned Tyshaun Prince to become the new FSW Heavyweight Champion…Kenny King & Matt Hardy defeated Robbie E. & Brian Cage. (3/23/14)


Akron-Mid-Ohio Wrestling at the Tadmor Shrine: Bryan Castle pinned Papa Dingo…Broderick Shaw pinned Izzy Lambert…Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson vs. Joey Vengeance & Sherman Tank went to a Double DQ…Patrick Hayes defeated Jeff Meekins and Tripp Lee in a Three-Way Match to become the New Tri-County Champion…Matt Cross pinned Levi Connors…Mike Hercum defeated Tommy Chill by Countout. (3/22/14)

Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling at St. John’s The Provider: Bill Rose & Trevor Skye defeated Marc St. James & Leon Hart…Vincent Maverick pinned Sean Reznikk…Aftermath, Ryan Burke, Joey Hernandez & Flea defeated The Duke, Flip Evans, Alex Daniels & Joshua Singh…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Tuff Tina…Trystan Tyler defeated Marcus Knight in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match to become the NEW Heritage Champion…Curt Fury pinned Tyler Nitro…#Zombiekillers defeated The Bearded Dragons, Tripp Lee & Jesse McCoy & The Metro Sexual Space Warriors in a 4-Corner Elimination Match…Shawn Blaze pinned Alex Matthews…Urijah Xero pinned Joey Vincent Martini. (3/16/14)

Cincinnati-Ascension Pro Wrestling at the Skyline Community Center: Love & War defeated Matt Vengeance & Chris Morgan…Nightshadow pinned Arcell Martin…The Boom Squad defeated SOM…Tim Lutz pinned Richie O’Ryan…The Hollywood Compound vs The Brothers West stopped due to Outside Interference…Matt Vengeance vs. Chris Morgan with to a Double-Countout…Love & War defeated The Boom Squad, The Hollywood Compound & Brothers West in a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match to become the new APW Tag Teams Champions. (3/15/14)

Franklin-1st Class Wrestling at Wrestletown, USA: Ryan Freeman defeated Steve Anderson by Countout to advance to the 4-Man Finale Match…Dre Jacobs pinned Blanco Warrior to advance to the 4-Man Finale Match…Mountain Killer & Johnny H defeated S.O.M. to advance to the 4-Man Finale Match…Ryan Freeman won the 4-Man Finale Match…Jameson Hennessey pinned Doug Charlz…Jake Ashworth defeated DDK in a Reverse Decision…Ryan Wylde pinned Matt Vengeance to become the new Tri-State Champion…Outlaw defeated R.O.A.C.H. (Allen Webb, Dixie Highway Gigalo & Der Sturmer)…Tommy Foreman pinned Chris Morgan. (3/21/14)

Lorain-Mega Championship Wrestling at the Italian-Americans’ Veteran Post: Mega Ranger Red pinned Mayhem…Mad Dog Manson defeated Tommy Kane by DQ…The Bearded Dragons defeated Totally Sexy…Alex Matthews pinned Owen Travers…Jeff Jevic & Murphy McManus defeated The Bouncer & Eddie Excess…Joshua Singh pinned Alex Daniels…Joey The Snake won a Six The Hard Way Gauntlet Match…Angeldust pinned Shayla Hyde…Brandon X pinned Soda Pop Johnson. (3/15/14)

Marion-Classic Championship Wrestling at the Steve Hogg Recreation Center: Chip Endale pinned GDT…Kamala Jr.defeated Uncle Hogg by DQ…Bushwhacker Luke pinned Lockdown…The Butcher Beast pinned Kamala Jr…Mike The Maniac defeated Taijuan A. Walker & Chris Pain in a 3-Way Match…The Butcher Beast vs. Uncle Hogg went to a No-Contest. (3/23/14)

Middleton-Tuff Pro-Wrestling at the Morningstar Arena: Rob Hudson & El Grande defeated Inferno, Matt Lethal & Dan Hansen…Aaron Lee pinned Kato…Midwest Kings defeated The Hillbillies…Jonboy pinned Beserker…James Sheppard vs. Dan Roberson vs. Kevin Nero ended in a No-Contest…Outlaw pinned Justin Dream…Bigg Dogg defeated J-Roc & Nova Kaine in a Triple-Threat Match…The Great Akuma pinned Gideon Malice. (3/18/14)

Toledo-NWA Championship International Wrestling at the International Boxing Club: Bryan Castle pinned Sebastian Rose…Tenshi pinned Haley Rose…Sean Casey won a 15-Many Battle Royal…The Great Akuma & Morimoto defeated Tre Miguel & Renzo Lavell…Grizzly House Jones pinned Kyle Banner…Krimson defeated Austin Manix by Submission…Gideon Malice pinned Frank Stalleto…Chase Owens pinned N8 Mattson…Lou Marconi defeated Nitro by Submission. (3/23/14)


Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Joshua Crowe pinned Robbie Evans…Adam Powers pinned Thomas Cage…Opie-2-Dope pinned Maniac…Young & Reckless defeated Fugitives of Sin…Jay Anthony defeated Justin Blaze, SuperBeast & The Executioner in a Fatal Four-Way…Mike G defeated Eric Michaels & Acid in a Triangle Match. (3/15/14)

Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Freddie Reckless pinned Jason Williams… Mikey G & Acid defeated The Garvins (Brock & Michael)…SwitchBlade pinned Adam Powers…Thomas Cage pinned Brandon Young…Jay Anthony pinned Cra-Z-C…The Executioner pinned Maniac…Brian Richardson & Robbie Evans defeated Eric Michaels & John Davis. (3/22/14)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Chris Kern pinned Risque’ Ray…Freakshow pinned Steve Morton…Brittany Love & Nina Monet defeated Miranda Rights…Ringmaster pinned Lawrence…Mikey Dunn & Yukon Jack defeated Shane & Cody Morton…Larry Cooter defeated JP Jones by Submission. (3/22/14)


Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero at the UCW Zero Arena: Rocky Ocean defeated The Dark Angel by Submission…The Durango Kid pinned Braden Austin…The 80 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) defeated The Reign of Insane (Kade & Bronson)…Sierra Rose & Jayson Bravo defeated Lacey Ryan & Tommy Purr…Zack James defeated Dallas Murdock & Jason Jaxson in a Thriple Threat Match to become the new UCW Heavyweight Champion…Jimmy Snuka, Duece Snuka Tom Howard defeated The Foundation (Martin Casaus, Derrick Jannetty & Stevie Slick). (3/22/14)


Poulsbo-Suquamish Championship Wrestling at the Suquamish Championship Gym: Avarice won the Sovereign Championship Battle Royal…Dave Turner pinned Avarice…The Breakers defeated Alpha Sigma Sigma…Sunni Daze & MJ Payne defeated Anni Richards & Christopher Ryseck…Demarcus James defeated Patrick Large to become the new SCW Cruiserweight Champion…Big Money defeated Ryan Rhoode & Manny Rios…PURE DOMINANCE defeated Randy Taylor & Dean Da Drifter…Hot Hands Mendoza pinned Kellen Raeth to become the new SCW Heavyweight Champion. (3/22/14)


Transcona, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Billy Blaze pinned Tyler Colton…The Cannon Cartel (Kevin Cannon & Bobby Collins) defeated Boyz In Da Hood (B. Brian Rich & Scottie Rapper)…Moses Luke pinned Adam Race…Rob Stardom pinned Tyler James…Matt Fairlane & Kory Kinkade defeated The Sons of Anarchy (Cliff Corleone & Mike Mission) by DQ…Danny Duggan pinned Stefan Epic…Anderson Tyson Moore vs. Dick Blood went to a No-Contest…Nate Hardy pinned Blake Broadway. (3/21/14)


Aberdeen-Wrestlezone Scotland at the Northern Hotel: Jack Jester pinned Sonjay Dutt…Alan Sterling, Damien, Mr. Malice, Aspen Faith, James Midas & Chris Archer defeated Scotty Swift, William Sterling, Blue Thunder, Crusher Craib, Shawn Johnson & Bryan Tucker in a 12-Man Tag Match…Grado defeated Zach Dynamite & Jay Lethal in a Triple Threat Match…Mr Paterson defeated Johnny Lions to earn a Wrestlezone Contract…Jack Jester defeated 19 other men in a Regal Rumble Match. (3/22/14)