AIWF-SXW Wrestling
Daleville, Alabama
May 03, 2014
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

SXW returned to the VFW in Daleville this weekend for another show, this month headlined by the first ever meeting between two of the top young wrestlers on the indies on the gulf coast Justin Overstreet and Lucha Locura!

-SXW U.S. Champ: Street Bandit def. Santos to retain the title!
The Faction was sent from the back before this match. Santos and Street Bandit, who I don’t think I’ve ever seen wear the same mask more than once which is kind of cool, had a really nice back and forth match until the end. Bandit hit a DDT but Santos kicked out at two. For some reason the referee counted the three and then seemed confused for a second before declaring Bandit the winner. I don’t know if Santos wasn’t supposed to kick out there or if the referee just botched it.

-The Brackins Brothers (Chris & Ben Brackins) def. SXW Tag Team Champs: Nathan Phoenix & Preston Veston III (c) via DQ (Phoenix & Preston retain)
This was a rematch from last month and originally was billed as a Handicap Match, but Ben Brackins came out selling his injuries from The Factions attack on him last month. He said he wouldn’t let his brother go in alone. When it looked like The Brackins may still win Preston ended up slapping the referee causing the blatant DQ. The Faction began beating on The Brackins again until Santos, Zane Stevens, and Jon Harley ran out to make the save.

-Handicap Anything Goes Match: Egotastic (Victor Cru & Jimmy Hinder) def. “Big” Jon Harley
This is another rematch from last month. This time around it was Anything Goes and that bit Harley in the ass. As Harley had the match in hand Hinder pulled out a bottle of some type of liquid and poured it on a towel. He then covered Harley’s face with it rendering him unconscious and Egotastic pinned him yet again.

-AWIF World Heavyweight Champion: Justin Overstreet def. Lucha Locura to retain the title!
This was the Main Event for me and by far the best match on the card between two of the very best in the gulf coast in my opinion. This was the very first time they’ve ever faced each other one on one as well. They exchanged some really nice mat wrestling in the early going and then after a couple of nice high spots from Lucha things spilled to the floor. They brawled around and then Lucha attempted a dive off the apron only to crash and burn. Then Overstreet took advantage and began to wear down the smaller Lucha Locura with some beautiful submission holds, at one point tying Lucha up like a pretzel on the mat. Everytime Lucha were try to speed the match up Overstreet would cut him off and take it back to the mat. Eventually Lucha caught Overstreet with a Frankensteiner off the top but it wasn’t enough for the pin. Overstreet rebounded with a Superplex off the top but it wasn’t enough either. They eventually exchanged big moves until Lucha hit a Frog Splash off the top and seemed to have the match and the title won! Then SXW Heavyweight Champion Deathrow distracted the referee. Lucha went after Death Row and then Zane Stevens ran out and jumped Death Row. Lucha turned around right into the Spinebuster from Overstreet for the win!

-Zane Stevens def. SXW Heavyweight Champion: Death Row via DQ (Death Row retains)
The brawl at the end of the last match led right into this one. I don’t know if the crowd was just so irritated at Death Row for interrupting the previous match or if they just loved Zane that much but they were very hot for this match. Zane had a cast on his left arm and Death Row went to work on it early and often slamming it into the mat, a table at ringside, and the ring post. Zane eventually made his big come back and connected with a Heel Kick only for The Faction to run out and blatantly attack him causing the DQ.

The Faction was going to further injure Zane’s arm until The Brackins Brothers, Jon Harley, and Santos ran out and a huge brawl ensued! The Faction eventually fled and the babyfaces challenged them to an 8-Man Tag right here and now! Eventually Justin Overstreet dragged Phoenix and Preston out and the babyfaces beat them down with their finishers. Street Bandit then ran out to try and help his buddies only to eat a Chokeslam from Harley and Frog Splash from Santos. Finally after a lot of trash talk Death Row came back out and said that they would accept the match for June 14th next month in Daleville. So they ended it with a nice hook for a big match for next month.

Lucha-Overstreet was terrific and I truly hope we get to see a rematch to that one very soon. I really enjoy watching both guys work so it was really fun for me to see that one.

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