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On July 3rd 2014, Fergal “Prince” Devitt sat down for a candid interview sharing his thoughts on how he became a wrestling fan, his career, NJPW and much more. After a storied career on the Irish Wrestling scene and subsequently moving on to the long running New Japan Pro Wrestling, Devitt has proven himself as a top competitor in the business.

Many topics are covered including:
*Becoming a wrestling fan
*How he got started in the business
*NWA Hammerlock Wrestling UK
*Getting booked in Japan for the first time
*Reactions to Prince Devitt fame in Japan
*Japanese Wrestling audience V Western audience
*Future for Devitt – WWE & US Companies?
*Advice for up & coming Wrestlers & more.

DEVITT QUOTE ON GOING TO WWE/US : “I might like to go to the US and make a little run in a north american company but in saying that I’m having such a good time wrestling here in Europe and seeing all my friends that I’m just happy keeping things going along.”