Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page at this link where he talks about winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Lockdown this past Sunday.

Here are some highlights:

“Hello everybody from the new TNA champion. I never thought I’d be saying my name and “champion” in the same sentence, unless of course there was a “former” in front of it. Thanks for all of the support and positive messages from so many of you, and even the guy who wrote the long analysis of why I needed to add more offensive moves to my arsenal probably meant well, even if he needs to understand that these days, just getting out of bed in the morning is a major offensive move.

I know there is no way to make everyone happy, and from what I’ve gathered , not everyone is, but the best I could hope for is to work hard and hope that I washappy with the match. And I was. Actually, I was thrilled with it. I didn’t have much chance to rest though, as I drove back to Long Island with J.B. and Vince Russo right after the show, in order to document a day at home with the new champion. I think you will enjoy the vignettes – keep in mind that none of them were scripted, and J.B. was just rolling tape and recording things as they went down. For example, that really is my massage therapist Jessica that you will see on Impact. She’s a wonderful and inspirational woman, a blind orphan from Vietnam who has managed to raise three children on her own.”