Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
TNA Lockdown (April 19)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Well class, it is that time again. It is close to another Sunday Pay Per View, but this time it is from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. It is April, and it is Lockdown (possibly in their eyes their second most watched Pay Per View behind Bound for Glory). Some of your favorite WrestleView columnists have spent their valuable time to run down the Lockdown card and give you, the viewers of our site, their insights and/or predictions based on who is competing in each event. So have a seat, relax, and enjoy who the faculty predicts who will win their respected matches in this very unique Pay Per View, which if you lived under a rock takes place in a steel cage. Since this is in Philadelphia (on the other side of the state from Mr. V of course), I do expect all wrestlers to be on their A game. Believe me class, if they do not, they are going to suffer more than just a demerit in my classroom. The Philly fans can speak for themselves, trust me.

Anyways, here are the standings as of our last Faculty meeting, which was on the Eve of Christma?.I mean Wrestlemania. Currently, Joe Baiamonte is our ?Dean? of the Faculty with a record of 18-11 (thanks still to his 8-0 Against All Odds picks). Josh Boutwell, who does the TNA recaps (and a great job may I add), was the only WV staff member to post a winning record on Wrestlemania picks at 5-4.

Standings (As of 4/6/2009)

* Column name is in parentheses *
* Main Tie-breaker is total win percentage * (Which is why Mr. O?Brien is ranked higher than Mr. Boutwell)

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..18-11
2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW recaps)…..16-13
3) WrestleView Fans (Pro Wrestling’s Loyal Fans)…..16-13
4) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)…..14-15
5) Matt O?Brien (Notes From the Nosebleeds)…..13-8
6) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA recaps)…..13-16
7) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..12-17
8) Phil Chorniger (On Second Thought)…..11-13
9) Sean Hurley (The Sharp Shooter)…..8-13(EXCUSED)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..4-4 (EXCUSED)
11) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..4-5
12) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..3-5 (EXCUSED)

So, to our most dependable readers of, I give to you the Predictions from the Faculty!!!

(I also want to point out in case it can be easier for you that I did put the predicted winner in CAPS)

Opening Match (for Free!!): Danny Bonaduce vs. ?Showtime Eric Young?

David S. – ERIC YOUNG: Because last night I shot a burglar in my pajamas. I have no clue how he got in them, thus Eric Young must win this match.
Anthony V. – I hate to say this, but I think it is going to the Philly Guy (I am sure e-mailers are going to rip me on this), DANNY BONADUCE with whatever Hulk Hogan taught him on that wrestling show.
Josh B. – ERIC YOUNG. If EY loses then, well, his career is done even if it is on the pre-show.
Jose M. – ERIC YOUNG over Danny Bonaduce-I just see it as being the ultimate slap to wrestling if this reality star beats Eric Young but it wouldn?t surprise me if he did. Even still I?m going with Young
Phil C. – BONADUCE will win, and he will blade and will pour buckets of blood all over the arena before the PPV actually begins.
Josh P. – DANNY BONADUCE. I can’t see them paying him money to come aboard and then move his match to preshow only to have him job. I’m saying Bonaduce via some sort of interference.

Consensus: A good case for both Eric and Danny. The faculty is SPLIT with 4 votes going to EY and 4 votes going to a member of the Partridge Family. I think the one thing we can all agree on is if Eric Young loses this match, he career in TNA quite possibly can be ?over?, and not the good kind. It would be more like the released kind.

Queen of the Cage: ODB vs. Sojo Bolt vs. Daffney vs. Madison Rayne

Joe B. – I don’t know who any of these are apart from ODB. Erm, think I’m going with DAFFNEY. They seem to be making ODB a bit of a sideshow from what I’ve seen.
David S. – DAFFNEY: I’m just guessing here because there aren’t any 4-sided coins to flip
Anthony V. – In a match of “Who Cares”, I am going to go with the new girl (supposedly). DAFFNEY wins because she is just a great wrestler.
Matt O. – ODB
Josh B. – ODB. I’m still not sure if they’re doing this like the one last year, but since it had 8 girls and this one only has four I’m guessing it will just be a straight up four way. I got ODB since she’s the most over.
Jose M. – SOJO BOLT…because TNA seems to like her right now
Phil C. – I have the feeling they will have MADISON RAYNE win…basically to set up a final showdown with her and ODB.
Josh P. – Even though I want Daffney to win, I’m going to pick ODB. She just seems to be more over and sticks out more than any of the other knockouts so I would think TNA would give her the rub.

Consensus: Another SPLIT decision, with 3 members going with Daffney and ODB respectfully, with Sojo and Madison picking up 1 vote apiece. So, we don?t know who will be victourious. But we do have questions. Will Sojo finally breakout like TNA hope she can? Will Madison elevate herself and be a force along with Angelina and Velvet? Will Daffney win in her first TNA PPV in a gimmick she should have had in the first place? Will ODB continue to be on this ?hot streak? and become the latest ?Queen of the Cage?? We all will find out Sunday night!

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. No Limit vs. L.A.X

Joe B. – How can Hernandez be competing in a junior tag match? I’m going for MCMG here. I don’t even know who No Limit are.
David S. – MURDER CITY MACHINE GUNS: I’m boldly picking the Guns to retain. Because Hernandez seems too big for the IWGP Jr. Division, plus someone brought up the fact that the stipulation in this match might actually make it unsanctioned under IWJP rules.
Anthony V. – think LAX can’t qualify for this because of Hernandez. Even with that element in this match, I say that the MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS retain in a match that is going to be pretty good.
Josh B. – NO LIMIT. Even though Hernandez is far beyond the Jr. Weight limit this should still be an awesome match. I got No Limit taking their belts back home.
Jose M. – NO LIMIT because that’s why they are in TNA to regain those titles. If they don?t do it now they will just do it later. Why is LAX even in this match? Hernandez is not a Jr. Heavyweight and well they should be competing for the big belts not the consolation prize.
Phil C. – MCMG will take this, as they are one of the best things going right now.
Josh P. – I don’t know the deal of how long No Limit will be in TNA, which makes this a tough pick, but I would think they, regardless, are getting the belts tonight. NO LIMIT is my choice.

Consensus: Now, something we can agree on is Hernandez immediately puts L.A.X out of this title picture. In yet another close call, we get our first majority decision and predict that the MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS will retain the titles with a vote of 5-3. However, if you picked No Limit to win the IWGP Jr. Tag Titles, you might be correct. A strong case though for both of these very talented tag teams that can compete with anyone in the world.

TNA Knockouts Triple Threat Title Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love

Joe B. – I don’t know how injured Kong is, but they’re obviously putting her in a triple threat match so she can lose without being pinned etc and still look strong. I don’t know any of the other 2. F**k it, I’ll go with ANGELINA LOVE.
David S. – ANGELINA LOVE: Because she’s never held the belt and I’m her Facebook friend.
Anthony V. – We all know Kong is still hurt (notice her matches are only three minutes long?). With that, I agree with Mr. Boutwell and say that for the first time, ANGELINA LOVE wins this match, though Taylor may stay in it for a while.
Matt O. – LOVE
Josh B. – ANGELINA LOVE. Taylor has Kong’s number but Angelina will finally get her first gold in TNA.
Jose M. – ANGELINA LOVE wins the TNA women’s title- I really feel Awesome Kong has had her run and until they take the title off of her I am going against her each and every month. Angelina Love with the Beautiful People is the most over heel in the women’s division and it would be smart to put the belt on her.
Phil C. – I’ll go with Mr. V and say that ANGELINA LOVE will win.
Josh P. – I think with Kong injured, they’re going to pull an ROH and take the belt off her. This one is a shot in the dark, so I’ll just say TAYLOR WILDE.

Consensus: Awesome Kong, it’s been quite a ride with you as the champion in the Knockouts? Division. But among the WrestleView faculty and the handful of fans that already voted, you did not receive one vote. So, if we are right, Kong will be dropping the belt to one of these two talented wrestlers. In a near unanimous decision, the professors of WrestleView are going to go with ANGELINA LOVE as the new women’s champion, with a vote of 7-1 over Taylor Wilde.

TNA X-Division Title Xscape Match: Suicide (c) vs. Kiyoshi vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

David S. – SUICIDE: When Moses was collecting the animals two by two to get on the ark I think this is the match that the world was worth saving in order to have happen. Never mind that it was actually Noah who liked wrestling [and collected the animals]
Anthony V. – I see Match of the Night with this one, though I still think Creed should not be in this match because he is destined to injure someone or himself in this type of match. I have it down to three guys, but my gut tells me that 1) I need some food shortly and 2) SUICIDE will retain. I will go with my gut on both variables.
Josh B. – SUICIDE. Should be some incredible spots here. Kaz is back as Suicide and I have him retaining.
Jose M. – SUICIDE wins the X Division Escape Match- I don?t think TNA put the title on him to take it off one month later. Especially after the original guy is coming back to play the part.
Phil C. – SUICIDE will retain, but we should see some awesome stuff with these guys bouncing off the cage.
Josh P. – TNA is really pushing the Suicide character and Daniels needs something in order to justify this filling in gimmick so SUICIDE retains.

Consensus: Not much to say, except that we all agree for the first time on the Lockdown card and say that there is no way SUICIDE drops the belt now that there is a new guy (Kaz) under the bodysuit. As a matter of fact, even fans votes included, no one has picked any of the four challengers who desire the X Title. So, we all pick Suicide to retain, 8-0.

Doomsday Chamber of Blood: Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

Joe B. – This match has sh!t written all over it. Erm, chamber of blood? Abyss never wins does he? I think this’ll be no different. MORGAN takes it.
David S. – MATT MORGAN: The fact that he was involved in a car crash last night may have an effect on this match, but if the previous plans that I believe they intended to use stand, The Blueprint will win thanks to Dr. Stevie
Anthony V. – Will there be blood? Absolutely! And it will be marvelous! I think this will be the live debut of Dr. Stevie and he will cost the monster this match. I am going to pick MATT MORGAN, but would not surprise if he does not win.
Matt O. – ABYSS
Josh B. – ABYSS. This is going to be violent and that is an understatement.
Jose M. – MATT MORGAN over Abyss- Abyss has really lost a lot of stock lately with the hokey skits and all. I really see TNA being able if they are smart to get some mileage out of a heel Matt Morgan and it has to start here.
Phil C. – MORGAN will win and finally move on to bigger and better things, while Abyss will begin feuding with Dr. Stevie.
Josh P. – Tough call.. This one could go either way, BUT, knowing Abyss’ track records like this on TNA PPV, I?m going with MATT MORGAN.

Consensus: The Faculty’s pick in this match goes to the DNA of TNA, MATT MORGAN, with a tally of 6-2. We do expect a TON of blood, but whose will be shed tonight? Also, will Dr. Stevie make a live performance? Will Joe Baiamonte be correct in calling this a terrible match? Again, we will find out at Lockdown.

Title vs. Title: IWGP Tag Champs Team 3D vs. TNA World Tag Champs Beer Money

Joe B. – TEAM 3D and this match will most likely stink. Not that I care, just thought I’d point that out.
David S. – TEAM 3D: I think THIS may be the match that will finally move 3D on to the fourth dimension. All hail team 4D!
Anthony V. – This will be fun as well, I hope. But with all the hype of 3D and Philly and now it is a street fight to boot (also, not sure if IWGP allows this to be sanctioned), I am going to say TEAM 3D wins both sets of belts.
Josh B. – BEER MONEY. This match has a ton of hype and great buzz going in. Should be great and I have Beer Money adding to their trophy case.
Jose M. – TEAM 3D over Beer Money- I don?t know if anyone knows this but 3d is undefeated in Japan. I think they want to stay that way but at the same time I think they can get a lot of money for when they finally lose in Japan. 3D wins both titles here.
Phil C. – Despite the fact that Beer Money should win, I’m going to go with TEAM 3D, as they are getting the push and are seeking redemption for the screwy finish at Destination X
Josh P. – If this were the WWE, this would be a no contest.. but this is TNA, and if they can make Kurt Angle a fake IWGP World Champion, they can make Team 3D Double World Tag Champions and have them make history once again. I love Beer Money, but I think TEAM 3D will get the rub as I don’t think New Japan wants the straps off them just yet.

Consensus: Team 3D has been building up Philly and Lockdown since Destination X was over and there is good reason. Their talk persuaded the Faculty and predict that TEAM 3D will have total tag team domination with a 6-2 vote over the current TNA World Tag Champions, Beer Money. Perhaps Jose’s well-placed stat may change the minds of our loyal fans here on WrestleView, as it was something that Mr. V did not even know. Well Done, Jose!!

Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Booker T) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels)

Joe B. – TEAM JARRETT. Joe will probably shoot Steiner or something.
David S. – TEAM JARRETT: Unless Jarrett turns on the young guys and goes M.E.M. In my opinion Jarrett does work better as a heel. I’m just hoping he doesn’t turn because I don’t have the heart to pick against Christopher Daniels.
Anthony V. – Though I really enjoyed the build-up with this match for the last few weeks, I still think someone on Team Jarrett is going to cost them the match. I know this is off the topic, but didn’t Daniels look great on Impact against Kurt? Best match on Impact in 2009 in my opinion. I always though go with the team with the best storyline chemistry and for that, I am going to pick TEAM ANGLE.
Josh B. – TEAM JARRETT They’ve been teasing a Jarrett turn but he stays loyal (for now) and the Front Line big up the big win.
Jose M. – TEAM JARRETT over Team Angle- The damn frontline has to go over at some point and that time is now.
Phil C. – TEAM ANGLE will win, but maybe we’ll see Joe take his makeshift machete and start chopping up Mafia members…
Josh P. – Oof… after iMPACT!, I see Jarrett’s heel turn almost a mile away. I’m going with the Millionaire’s Club.. eh… I mean.. the Main Event Mafia (TEAM ANGLE) over Team AJ after a Jeff turn.

Consensus: For the third time in this Predictions column, we are once again SPLIT on an outcome for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown, with both teams getting 4 votes from the Faculty. The leaders in our standing are going with Jarrett’s team, while some others (Mr. V, Matt, Phil, and Josh) are going with the Main Event Mafia. Expect this match to be good, unpredictable, and maybe a Jeff Jarrett turn in the works.

TNA World Heavyweight Title: Sting (c) vs. Mick Foley or Cactus Jack

Joe B. – STING all the way in a rematch from 16 years ago in the old WCW.
David S. – STING: Mick Foley, like a diamond, is in the rough. The rougher a diamond is the more care must be given to cutting and polishing to create perfection. Mick Foley has been cut many times, but he has not been polished enough to shine past Sting in tonight’s main event.
Anthony V. – Look, I love Mick Foley. Heck, he trained in Freedom, PA (near my current hometown) at the same time as my favorite wrestler, Shane Douglas. I think it will be a good to moderately good match, but in the end, STING will claim another victim with the Scorpion Death Drop.
Matt O. – STING
Josh B. – STING. I am hyped up for this match and you know Foley is going to take at least one sick bump and both are will to bleed buckets. Sting retains his belt in a bloody affair.
Jose M. – STING over Mick Foley- I don?t think Mick Foley is interested in picking up his schedule so I give this match to Sting.
Phil C. – While this match was much better back in 1993 when it was surfer-style Sting and Cactus Jack, I think this will be surprisingly good. However, Foley has no business and no need for a title run, so expect STING to retain.
Josh P. – STING.. hands down. Mick is part time and can’t have a world title put on him. This is a one time dream match and the stinger will go over.

Consensus: Though it will be ?bloody? good, the faculty members at WrestleView predicts a successful Sting World Title defense, sweeping the vote over Cactus Jack (or Mick Foley).

In case you are wondering, I did get a few fans? predictions as well (about five of them in total). If you want to take a crack at predicting Lockdown, please send me an e-mail at and the person with the best record will earn a famous ?Gold Star? on my latest column. Best of Luck to all of you

Here is what the majority of fans predicted so far:

Danny Bonaduce over Eric Young
ODB will be Queen of the Cage
No Limit will win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title
Angelina Love will be the New Knockouts? Champion
Abyss over Matt Morgan
Team 3D will win both sets of belts
Team Jarrett edges out Team Angle
Mick Foley will be the New TNA World Champion

Will ?Dean? Joe Baiamonte keep his spot for one more week? Will the WrestleView fans share the ?Dean? Title? I want to thank the entire WrestleView columnist crew for being a part of the game once again, it was very enjoyable to read your picks. Also, thank you to Adam Martin and Hunter Golden for posting this up just hours before the PPV tonight. So, on behalf of all the columnists who participated and the fans that already cast their vote, have a nice Sunday. Until Thursday, you are…DISMISSED!

Thanks for reading!