Update on new TNA taping schedule

In regards to the new TNA TV taping schedule in Orlando, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the impression many are getting is that it is more of an experiment over the next few months and then around August or so it will be reevaluated to see how well it worked.

While running a PPV on a Sunday and then doing four weeks of TV tapings over the course of three days will save the company a fairly sizeable amount of money on travel, many have pointed out they are running the risk of wearing out the talent taping four days in a row.

The other risk is having four weeks of TV written in advance before a PPV is having the possibility of things going wrong with an angle leaving no ability to change things as they go. The possibility of injuries is also another factor since they will have all of the Impact’s taped weeks in advance and, for example, if a talent was to get injured at a house show everything is already taped for TV and ready to go for the PPV regardless of what happens between the time TV was taped and the PPV.