There have been more attempts at cost-cutting within TNA recently and more so on office expenses and travel as opposed to jobs. Revenue streams that were expected to help out aren’t expected to come through this year so necessary changes are being made.

This includes the new line of action figures that is on hold until Jakks Pacific loses the WWE license. Midway has also announced plans for a sequel to the TNA Impact video game, but there is lots of skepticism considering Midway’s current financial situation. It should also be noted that the company that handles TNA DVD releases is in pretty bad shape financially and DVD sales have not been strong. The company’s key revenue stream remains its TV contract with Spike and has been described as solid, although there is always that feeling that UFC programming is looked at as the most important thing on the network despite TNA numbers being slightly higher in the last few months.

One change they are making is cutting back on company travel for business reasons as they have really cut back on the number of people used at TV tapings in Orlando. This has actually gone over better as many felt the company was trying to cram everyone on the roster onto TV and it created way too many angles to follow and nothing really getting over in the end. The biggest change is in regards to the actual TV taping as starting in May the company will tape four shows over three days during the week of PPV events held held in Orlando. In May the company will hold the Sacrifice PPV on May 24 and TV tapings on May 25, 26 and 27. This means they will have everything booked a month in advance as opposed to right now where they have the main events booked and fill in the lower card angles later at the next tapings. While this may make things difficult needs to take place, it will end up being a nice cost cutting move and they would only be bringing talent to Orlando once a month over a week period instead of twice a month.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter