Chad Dixon sent this report in:

This was TNA’s debut at the Columbus Civic Center. I received a report from a friend of mine that works at the facility that 500 tickets were sold and around the same number were given away to local indy promotions. It looked as if there might have been 1000 people there. The WWE ran a house show there in October and it sold out. Not sure, if the town’s money is a blip on the WWE’s radar, but the WWE decided to put the May house show event’s tickets on sale the next day of the TNA show. This might be a coincidence, but I wouldn?t put it past Vince.

Anyway, here are the results:

Shannon Moore d. Kaz in a match that went ten seconds shy of the 15 minute limit. The crowd was pretty hot during this match for Columbus standards. I credit this to Jeremy Borash who really got the crowd into it during the intro. They were offering backstage passes to the loudest fans.

TNA KO Tag Titles:
Velvet & Madison d. Angelina & Tara
TBP were as over as any duo I have ever seen in this town relative to the attendance. Velvet was great jawing back and forth with the referee. Her facial expressions were great. Tara took most of the punishment during the match. Love got the hot tag and shortly after Velvet hit her with a rather weak title belt shot and Madison covered.

TNA was pushing program sells by offering autographs for those who purchased the program. 3D were signing before the event. TBP signed during intermission. To ensure TBP autographs, I went to the autograph area quickly and missed the Jarrett/Rhino & Pope/Desmond matches. From what I heard, Jarrett & Pope went over.

TBP were very gracious. One fan asked if Velvet was still dating the Hurricane. She said no. I congratulated Velvet on her PWI poll victory. They were both very cool to meet.

TNA Tag titles:
Morgan & Rob Terry(they were working the Hernandez injury angle) d. Team 3D. After the match, Morgan took the 3D through a table he set up.

Main Event
Angle vs. AJ
Both men came out to a huge pop. There were several troops references from the crowd. This was large in part that Columbus is so close to Fort Benning. This match was rather slow and methodical. The climax was pretty good with several counter holds and ended with AJ taking the Angle slam. AJ did a good job of getting heat throughout the match with a crowd that cheered him immensely initially.

After the match, they allowed fans to come in the ring and get a picture with Kurt for $20. I know this is a way of profiting seemingly needed money for the company, but the meet and greets with the fans was rather refreshing. We all know TNA’s booking is a train wreck, but their house show experience is something the WWE can?t touch. But then, the WWE couldn?t rightfully bring 9,000 people in the ring either. Angelina, Tara, Pope, & Kaz signed autographs after the match.

I think TNA did a great job of promoting their brand. The ad campaign for the show wasn?t great, but Columbus doesn?t normally market their events that well. But I think TNA did make great strides in developing a fan base in this area tonight.