The following statement was issued on the official website of Booker T’s upcoming Legends of Wrestling Fanfest in Houston, TX this weekend:


I want to take this opportunity to let the entire wrestling world understand both my frustration and anger, at what should be a momentous time for myself and those close to me. It was nearly two years ago when I made one of the toughest decisions in my life and decided not to re-sign a contract with the WWE. Several factors came into this decision, but at the end of the day I wanted to be able to prove to myself and to anyone with any doubts, that I was indeed a ‘self-made? man. I had achieved so much in this business that I love before the WWE, and I felt that with the help of my wife and beloved family and friends, that I could achieve so much more.

Many of you are aware of the labor of love to me that is the PWA (Pro-Wrestling Alliance). PWA has honestly been the culmination of hard-work, sacrifice and undying determination by several people. This organization continues to be a driving force in helping me to entertain and improve the community that I came from. The PWA is also the catalyst for my ultimate calling in life which is the Booker T. Fights For Kids Foundation. I, along with my wife have had several sleepless nights, as we?ve fought to build an organization that we can be proud of. We face the same challenges that many independent promoters around the world face, in bringing fans an alternative to experiencing professional wrestling.

Just as many fans are aware of the PWA, even more fans were excited to hear about the upcoming Booker T ?Legends of Wrestling? Fanfest taking place this Friday (4/3/09) here in my hometown of Houston, Texas. The Fanfest is totally independent of TNA Wrestling, and is being produced solely by my wife, myself and the PWA staff. The Legends of Wrestling Fanfest will be the biggest and best ever event where fans can come face-to-face with some of the biggest stars (past and present) that this business has ever known. This event has been well- planned over the last year, with many of my peers (friends and foes alike) offering to donate their time and prized possessions in an effort to make this event a success for the benefit of the Fights for Kids Foundation.

We suffered a setback recently when the WWE unexpectedly pulled eight of the invited participants from our Fanfest. Each of these participants had already either gotten clearance from WWE or were not previously contacted to appear in any Wrestlemania weekend activitie s this year. It was only after we published the list of participants, that the WWE unlawfully interceded and deceptively worked to pull these talents from our event. As a side note, I have contacted legal representation about this deceitful tactics and will weigh my options. I do want to sincerely thank each of the pulled participants for their interest in helping to make this Fanfest the best ever, and I hold no malice towards them. It was instilled into me a very long time ago that the show must go on, so I want to formally announce that ?The Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley is yet another recent addition to an already sensational Legends of Wrestling Fanfest Lineup!

I want to believe that the WWE, as large and as powerful as it is, would be beyond examples of such pettiness. This event, as well as the PWA, are supporting the Fights for Kids foundation so it consumes me with remorse to see the WWE act in this fashion. Make no mistake however, I have been an underdog my entire life, so I have no problem in taking on yet another Goliath. And we all know what happened to Goliath, and I know you can dig that…

Booker T.