The following took place on Monday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact Tapings for April 2:

– The show opened with Jeff Jarrett appointing AJ Styles the captain of the face team against Team Angle. Styles turned it down saying Jarrett should be the captain. Jarrett agreed. Scott Steiner then came out and said Jarrett should quit backing the losers and join the Main Event Mafia saying he promised Jeff’s wife before her death that he’d always be with Jeff.

– Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi & No Limit defeated LAX & Lethal Consequences.

– The Main Event Mafia come out and Kurt Angle apologizes to Sting. Sting is reluctant to accept his apology. Mick Foley is then shown up in the rafters and announces he has booked Sting vs. Samoa Joe as the main event tonight.

– Team 3D defeated the Main Event Mafia security. After the match, the security started beating down 3D when Beer Money ran down to make the save seeming to put over they want 3D at their best at Lockdown.

– TNA World Champion Sting defeated Samoa Joe via DQ when Joe took out the referee. Joe beat down Sting until Booker T ran out. Joe then took Sharmell when he left.

– Taylor Wilde defeated Madison Rayne. After the match, they tried to cut Wilde’s hair, but she got away.

– Scott Steiner defeated TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles. Jarrett and Angle fought at ringside and Angle threw in a chair.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online