TNA House Show Results – 3/14/09
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Jeremy Samples sent this report in:

TNA House Show Results — 3/14
Location: Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Gardens

Arena was pretty much sold out. TNA had it half-housed as they did last time, and that was full except for the upper sections. A live crowd, as well, although I had many smart marks around me. It amazes me sometimes how some people can not get over themselves. Anyway, that’s not important….

1. No Limits (Yujira & Tetsuya Naito) vs. Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal)

Lethal Consequences came out to “Living In America”…it surprises me how much TNA strays from their own music during their house shows…as they mostly just use it for TV, since I’m sure they don’t want to pay for rights issues. Nobody seemed to know who No Limits was. Fast-paced match…and Lethal Consequences wins with a move from Lethal.

Winner: Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal)

JB does his fake build-up to bring people backstage. I wonder sometimes if this effects their perceptions on reactions to angles. If you persuade people to ALWAYS cheer, I wouldn’t think you could gauge crowd reaction…

2. Brutus Magnus w/ local radio DJ “Meat” vs. Shark Boy

Brutus Magnus & “Meat” do a typical heel promo running down Shark Boy & Cincinnati, OH. I thought it was interesting that “Meat” had customized a Shark Boy 24/7 shirt to have Sux on the front of it. Shark Boy came out and utilized the “What?” chant in his call-back promo. Shark Boy had a typical Shark Boy match. Ended up finishing with a stunner.

Winner: Shark Boy

3. Taylor Wilde, or (Misty Van Spikes, I’m 19…don’t know what Andy is referencing with this either Adam) & Roxxi vs. Jacqueline & Madison Rayne

Jacqueline & Rayne came out to the “America’s Most Wanted” theme music. Nice match…kind of carried by Jackie & Madison. Lots of team spots, good to utilize in a tag.

Winner: Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

Before the next match, involving Booker T…Booker comes out and talks to the crowd. He starts talking about his former tag team partners (Stevie Ray, RVD, etc…) then mentions Test. He says “I don’t know how many of you have heard, but Test was found dead last night.” This shocked many people in the audience. “This business has taken many friends from me, and many good guys. Test was one of the best. Test & I ran the road together much. Booker said that he knew what this business was all about, and it was for going out to entertain the fans. He mentions the fact that was always Test’s goal. So, I just wanted to say, how much you meant to me, Test. And that you will never be forgotten.” Booker then held the mic up toward the heaven’s and said “This ass-kicking is for you, Test.”

4. Booker T vs. Shane Sewell — “TNA Legneds Title” Match

You could tell that Booker was trying so much with this match. He couldn’t hardly get it going. There was a weird vibe after the Test comments and it resulted in Booker working the face role in the match, over Shane. Shane didn’t know how to work the heel role, and it just never went anywhere. Booker hit his spots and did his Spin-A-Rooni…

Winner: Booker T

5. Abyss vs. Matt Morgan — Billed as “Battle of the Giants”

Pretty good match, should work out well for the PPV tomorrow night…especially with the tacks stip. Nice to see these guys practice some stuff, and there were a few innovative spots in the match. Will be interesting to see if they use any tomorrow night. Abyss wins after a Black Hole Slam.

Winner: Abyss

6. TNA World Tag Team Title Match — Eric Young & Rhino vs. “Beer Money” (James Storm & Robert Roode)

James Storm comes out before the match and mentions that he is not cleared to compete tonight. He recently had two surgeries, and the doctor told him it was good news & bad news. He then proceeded to get heat, saying the Bad News wasn’t quite as bad as the Bengals & the good news was he only had to be in Cincinnati for a few hours. JB then reads “a fax he just got during intermission”. It said that James Storm is not cleared to compete tonight, but the Tag Team Titles would be on the line as Robert Roode would face either Eric Young or Rhino, the opponent of James Storm’s choosing. Storm chose Eric Young.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match — Robert Roode vs. Eric Young

Great match…Eric always seems to work well, although having Roode in the ring certainly helps. Roode is such a great talent. Robert Roode ends up winning the match with interference from Jackie & his finisher. After the match, the three(Storm, Roode, Jackie) were posing and Rhino gored Roode as he turned around.

Winner: Robert Roode

7. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Joe was sporting some new ring attire, which consisted of long pants…that looked to have read violence down the sides. These two usually put on a good match, and while this WAS a good match…it wasn’t up to their others. Joe looked to not really be into it, and not to really even be in that great of shape. Kurt did and took a lot in this match. Joe wins with the Muscle Buster.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Angle talks to the fans and mentions how much he has loved TNA since coming here a couple of years ago. He mentions the high ratings & how much that means to the company. Angle says that it is due to the fans that he comes out every night to perform. He says he can not thank the fans enough for their support, and that he appreciates everyone who came out to tonight’s event.

Angle stayed and took photos with fans in the ring after the show. There were MANY people in line, and I’m sure it took a good couple hours. Great to see Angle do that.

TNA put on a great show, as it seems like live events are the one thing they can get right. Too bad they can’t just televise some of these other than the Impacts. Chris Harris was in attendance tonight, and he watched the whole show from the blocked part of the stand. He chatted with James Storm around the middle of the show in the stands. Earl Hebner & other were spotted visiting throughout the night.


I attached a picture of Chris Harris & James Storm talking over drinking beers in the stands during the middle of the show…I apologize for the darkness, it was the best I could get…