Slam Wrestling has an interview up with TNA star Mick Foley discussing a number of topics. Here are some highlights.

On working on some new material:
“Every time I finish (a writing project), the next time I try it, it seems like something completely foreign to me — like picking up a pen and writing is an almost impossible task. But then I did a review of The Wrestler for which I was happy with, and then a rebuttal to some words that Sports Illustrated had about me. And then I started realizing why I enjoyed it in the first place, so when I was in Ireland (recently), I wrote a chapter for a prospective fourth memoir. The other week, I had a meeting about the possibility of not only doing a memoir but also a novel and a children’s book. So I feel that creatively I’m coming from a very good place.”

On his reaction to the Sports Illustrated story:
“I think the guy sat next to me and thought, ‘Okay, here’s the real-life version of Randy the Ram,’ because I had in my duffel bag a Santa Claus suit that I was going to wear at a Twisted Sister show. (In my response, I explained) that I was helping out a friend by being Santa Claus for free, and that I didn’t need to do Santa Claus jobs for money to scrape by. Even the slightest rudimentary background check would have showed that I was doing pretty well.”

On his novel being looked at for a possible movie:
“I’ve had the good fortune to be turned down by a lot of great people (laughing). I got a call a few years ago that Paul Haggis was interested in my novel, and then a few months later he won the Best Director award for Crash. Once you’ve won an Academy Award, you probably don’t need to be slumming with my novel. But there is some interest. There is a major name that is looking at it now.”

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