The following took place on Monday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact Tapings for January 29:

– The major storyline was the Main Event Mafia taking over the show. Kevin Nash and Booker T are announcers. Scott Steiner is the ring announcer.

– The Kongtourage defeated ODB. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde were kicked out of the building.

– TNA Legends Champion Booker T defeated TNA referees Andrew Thomas and Rudy Charles. Referee Shane Sewell ran down to make the save, but was beaten down as well.

– Matt Morgan defeated Petey Williams. The stipulation was that Williams had one hand tied behind his back. Eric Young, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed tried to make the save and were beaten down. They teased that The Motor City Machineguns refused to leave the dressing room to help.

– Team 3D defeated TNA World Champion Sting via DQ. The storyline here is that Kurt Angle booked the match so Sting would be hurt before the PPV. Nash, Steiner and Booker ran in to interfere. This brought out Mick Foley, LAX and Abyss.

– Foley announced that they were taking back the show. He ordered Angle to face LAX and Mike Tenay and Don West were brought back as the announcers.

– Abyss defeated Scott Steiner via DQ when Steiner used a pipe. The stipulation was that Abyss could use any weapon he wanted, but if Steiner used a weapon he would get DQ’ed. Suicide hit the ring when Steiner was beating down Abyss.

– Kurt Angle defeated LAX.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online