Jarrett and Booker T have argument

Jeff Jarrett and Booker T had an argument at the last set of TNA TV tapings in Orlando two weeks ago regarding the direction of an angle reports ProWrestling.net. Jarrett wanted the angle to play out just as the creative team had written and Booker got upset that Jarrett wouldn’t give him the freedom to tweak it. Jarrett then threw up his arms and let Booker make the changes according to the report.

Many within TNA saw Jarrett throwing up his hands and walking away as an indication that he may be too much of a pushover when it comes to confrontations with “top” talent in the company. Booker has also reportedly developed a reputation for throwing what some have described as “star fits” and acting above everything. This has surprised some as his initial jump to TNA in November 2007 saw him state he was wanting to give back to the industry and is instead displaying “prima donna tendencies” that have rubbed some the wrong way. It should also be noted that Booker has been outspoken recently behind the scenes over his lack of faith in the TNA creative team.