Reader Notes: Jerry Jarrett, TNA DVDs, UK note

dwswarzone sent this in:

I was at my local Suncoast and I noticed “Cross The Line” DVD box set had Booker T, instead of Christian Cage or AJ Styles. In addition, “Knocked Out” did not have Karen Angle on the cover, it had Christy Hemme.

Here is a scan of the cover ->
(click cover for full size).‘s webmaster sent this in:

Just saw your post about TNA being involved in a production shoot in the UK.

Check out the Manchester “Ringside Photos” on TNA’s official website (click here) look at the photo of Mick FOley doing an in-ring promo. That’s UK’s RQW Owner / Promoter, Len Davies, shooting Foley with a camera in the photo, possibly he handled the shoot for TNA while they were in the UK.

Michael Weaver, Jr. sent this in:

Jerry Jarrett’s first column “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” is now available. It’s a monthly column exclusively at

Click here to read the column.