ScrippsNews has an interview up with TNA’s Brother Devon where he talks about his tag team partner Brother Ray needed to take time off from the ring to heal some injuries. Here are some highlights.

On Brother Ray’s current health:
“Bodywise, he’s pretty messed up. I saw this coming two or three years ago. There were times where even getting on a plane was hard for him.”

On what it is like for wrestlers this generation:
“Back in the Hulk Hogan days (in the 1980s), those guys knew how to last a lot longer. For our generation, the (aging) process is sped up because of everything more we do in the ring. You can’t do all that flying and flipping and not pay a price.”

On working in singles action without Ray:
“If I fail as a singles wrestler now, I fail. But at least I’ll go out knowing I did my best. If Bubba decided to retire before me, he’s going to be the only one retiring. I’m going to still be going strong.”

To read the full interview, click here.