5/1 TNA Results: Greenwood, Mississippi

Big D sent this report in:

Thought I would send you TNA House Show results from Greenwood, Mississippi. It was announced before that it was TNA’s first stop to Greenwood, loud pop for that. Overall the attendance wasn’t a sell-out, but it was packed.

Match one: Generation Me vS Motor City Machine Guns
This match was the best of the night and was perfect to start the show. Back & forth action from both teams. Generation Me win with a tandem 450-Leg drop finisher for the clean win. Winner: Generation Me

Match two: #1 Contender Match for X-Division Championship of the World Brain Kendrick vS Shannon Moore vS Black Machismo Jay Lethal
Before the match it was announced as this match being for a shot at the X-Division championship. Pretty slow for a “X” match. Kendrick getting great heat, Shannon more with the loudest cheers. Jay Lethal kind of got lost in the shuffle. Kendrick spent most of the match outside of the ring. When action was at it’s best, Kendrick wins with a sharp kick to Moore’s head for the pin. Winner: Brian Kendrick.

Match three: TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships Beautiful People(c) vS Hamada & ODB
*Funny Note* The Beautiful People came out with Rayne & Sky, no Von Erich. The funny part is that they only have ONE tag belt while Rayne had her Knockouts title. So I was pretty sure before the match we were not going to see a title change. The match was sloppy, the best part was the Beautiful People’s entrance which got a big pop from the crowd. ODB came out with some girl, not sure who it was, it was never announced to my knowledge. BP had control over Hamada for most of the match. ODB came in for the clean sweep. Hamada had the pin over Sky buy Rayne with hairspray to Hamada eyes allows for Velvet Sky to get the pin to retain the titles. Winner: Still TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions: The Beautiful People

Match four: James Storm vS Jeff Jarrett
Storm came out to a nice pop. He got on the mic & gave an old school rasslin promo. Trashed Mississippi, called out some fat chick in the crowd. Very funny & great heat for him for the entire match. Double J out to a nice southern pop. Back & forth match, lots of action. The end came when a ref bump allowed Storm to get a chair, only to hit himself in the face ala Kurt Angle. Jarrett goes to use the chair but Brain Hebner stops him, low blow Storm, Storm superkick, 1…2…3..& its over. Winner: James Storm *Note* Storm was the highlight for me of the night & the crowd. The guy is gold.


JB gets on the mic & announces TNA will be back in Greenwood to a loud pop. Fans get to go backstage for the intermission.

Match five: Desmond Wolfe vS Abyss
Not much to talk about for match. It looked more like Kane vS Wolfe in my opinion. Abyss with the blackhole slam for the clean victory. After the match Abyss does his Hogan pose down with Earl Hebner. Abyss shows a ring I guess its Hogan\’s Hall of Fame ring. Cheers from the crowd. Winner: Abyss

Main Event: AJ Styles vS Jeff Hardy
AJ comes out to a nice pop, no “Ric Flair robe” or Ric Flair. Hardy came out to closes to the best pop of the night. Styles worked the mic to get some kind of heat. Hardy talked about being happy to be back in Mississippi. To me Hardy was slow & looked out of shape but made up for it in the end. Hardy fake a knee injury. Styles worked the knee most of the match. End came with Styles botching along with Hardy a hop over & twist of fate for Hardy to hit the Swanton Bomb for the victory. Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match JB thank everybody & claimed that Hardy wanted to bring the backstage for the fans to see TNA superstars. You could see Jeff Hardy for a picture for on 20 bucks. Out comes Generation ME, MCMG, Moore & Lethal. They shook hands with fans while Hardy took picks. Opinion: Never been to a WWE Show in Mississippi, but TNA gave a great show. It seemed like a pure TNA show with only Moore/Kendrick/Hardy being the only WWE names on the show. Got to see Don West which was cool. There wasn’t much of security so fans were free to roam around & the see the action which was good. Only problem comes with advertisement, Greenwood only said wrestling was coming for some fans had no clue of TNA as they were just fans of wrestling. Overall I would say the show was great, but would of love to see more TNA talent like Robert Rhoode, Rob Terry, Doug Williams & just maybe one old WWE name. What you get on TV is not what you get at the house which was disappointing. However it was great just to have wrestling in Greenwood, so good job TNA.

Biggest Pops: Shannon Moore Jeff Hardy Jeff Jarrett James Storm(before promo)

Biggest Heat: Brian Kendrick James Storm (after promo) AJ Styles(after promo) Desmond Wolfe (USA Chants)