SPOILERS: TNA Impact for next Thursday

– Eric Bischoff comes out and praises the TNA fans. He introduces the TNA Champion RVD who comes out. Eric says he was going to book a title match tonight between RVD and Hardy but he has not seen Jeff all day. AJ Styles comes out and says he wants a title shot tonight. RVD agrees but Hardy shows up. Bischoff makes it a three way but decides that the title will not be on the line.

(1) Tara d. Taylor Wilde. After the match Tara beat her down until Sarita made the save.

(2) Brian Kendrick d. Douglas Williams.

(3) Matt Morgan d. Generation Me. Samoa Joe who was supposed to be Morgan’s partner comes out after the match and lays out Morgan with a Muscle Buster.

(4) Kevin Nash cashes in his Feast or Fired case with Scott Hall to d. Matt Morgan and win the Tag Team Titles.

(5) Ink Inc. d. Team 3D, Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns in a four way.

– Rob Terry vs Abyss never happens as Abyss does not come out. Orlando Jordan attacks Terry with a low blow from behind.

– Bischoff backstage tells Tara she will wrestle again tonight.

(6) Tara d. Sarita.

(7) AJ Styles won a three way non title match over RVD and Jeff Hardy. Mr. Anderson came out during the match and brawled to the back with Hardy. Styles pinned RVD with a roll up.

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