Jeremy Borash is doing the ring announcing tonight. David Penzer has been cut by TNA in what has been described as the first of many cost cutting measures in the company.

#1 Contendership Match for TNA World Tag Team Championships
Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machineguns

We begin with Alex Shelley and Robert Roode. Roode grounds Shelley quickly with a snapmare. Shelley fires back with a huracanrana takedown and bulldog. Roode responds with a big backbreaker. Tag to James Storm who knocks Chris Sabin off the ring apron and gets in a big slap on Shelley. Storm dodges a superkick from Shelley and takes a big kick on the outside from Sabin. The Guns then double team Roode in the ring. Tag to Sabin who pokes his eyes. Storm with a high knee. Brother Ray tags himself in slapping the back of Storm. Ray with a big right hand to Sabin. Sabin with kicks to the body of Ray. Ray trips up Sabin, misses an elbow and then levels Sabin with a big boot. Tag to Brother Devon who drops a leg over Sabin. Sabin takes out both Ray and Devon. Sabin attempts a dive on the outside and Ray moves out of the way. Devon works over Sabin in the corner. Devon drops another big leg on Sabin and Roode breaks up a pinfall attempt. Tag back to Ray who slaps the chest of Sabin. Ray knocks Roode and Storm off the ring apron.

Ray plants Sabin near the corner with a scoop slam, goes up to and misses a body splash. Tag to Shelley who fights off Ray and Devon. Shelley jumps at Ray and Devon who catch him and Sabin follows with a dropkick taking them down. The Guns double team 3D hitting Ray with multiple offense in the corner. Sabin with a suicide dive through the legs of Shelley into Storm. Impressive spot there. Shelley misses a jumping stomp on Ray and Roode levels Shelley with a clothesline. Roode tags himself in and hits a backbreaker on Shelley. Storm tags himself in and Beer Money hit a double suplex on Shelley. BEER…MONEY spot. Storm with a big neckbreaker on Shelley from the corner. Roode and Storm exchange tags a few times working over Shelley. Storm with a headlock on Shelley. Roode tags himself in and prevents Shelley for tagging out. Tag to Sabin who unloads on Roode and knocks Storm off the apron. Sabin with a huracanrana on Roode and dive to Storm on the outside. Sabin with a huge torando DDT on Roode. Sabin covers and Devon breaks it up.

Ray tosses Sabin to the entrance ramp and he lands with a thud. Ray gets Roode on his shoulders and Devon hits a jumping clothesline from the top. Sabin with a springboard crossbody on Ray that results in a two count. Ray tosses Sabin out of the ring. Storm spits beer in the face of Ray to break up a 3D attempt. Roode with a spinebuster on Ray. The Guns double team Roode in the corner with kicks to the head. Shelley with a splash off the top rope on Ray with Sabin holding back Ray’s head. Sabin covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners & #1 Contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Motor City Machineguns

We go the announcers table with Mike Tenay and Taz. They discuss Abyss being framed wrongly on Impact this past Thursday night.

* Rob Terry vs. Orlando Jordan for the TNA Global Championship is up next.