As reported on earlier, Ross Forman was released by TNA Wrestling a few weeks ago even though it became public knowledge just last week. Forman, who worked in the public relations department for TNA, was said to have been cut because of budget cutbacks. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reports that Forman might have been thrown under the bus over a situation involving the TNA trading cards deal with TriStar that was out of his control.

Forman put together the deal with TriStar and did all of the writing for the cards. Everything he wrote had to be approved before it went to print, including mentions of Impact moving to Monday night’s on Spike TV. The theme of the most recent trading cards set was TNA “taking over Monday night” and the day the cards came back to be shipped out was the same day the decision was made to move the show back to Thursday. There was said to be what was described as an “office uproar” about the cards pushing Monday night’s, including TNA President Dixie Carter.

Speaking of errors with TNA moving to Monday night’s back in March and then moving back to Thursday, our good friend Sean Martin passed on a picture of a ticket for an upcoming TNA house show in Dayton, OH on June 17 that is still pushing TNA being on Monday night.