Notes on the show airing on 6/24

Hulk Hogan came out and explained that with “last week’s” match with Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Abyss ending without a winner, that at Victory Road on 7/11, there will be a four-way with those three and RVD for the title.

Abyss, now a heel, talked about “they” told him to do it and talked about a new group coming in that nobody in TNA, not Dixie Carter, Hogan or Bischoff can stop. He said he knows who they are and soon everyone will know who they are. Abyss attacked Hogan and shoved the magic ring down Hogan’s throat. He tried to throw Hogan in broken glass when RVD came out. But he power bombed RVD. Anderson tried to make the save with a chair shot but he punched the chair. They are trying to make him the monster heel.

Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love via DQ for a DDT on a chair. They were teasing Rayne vs. Love for the Knockouts title

Matt Morgan claimed he beat Hernandez at the PPV. Homicide attacked Morgan but Morgan laid him out. This appeared to be an injury angle on Homicide.

Flair yelled at Styles for losing to Lethal, but then Lethal beat Kazarian clean. Flair beat up Lethal’s brother backstage

Jarrett was supposed to wrestle Sting. But it was a fake Sting, allowing the real Sting to jump Jarrett using the bat and laid him out.

Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe was the No. 9 contender so now Angle faces whoever is No. 8

Doug Williams did a promo and Brian Kendrick jumped him and choked him out. They will be meeting at Victory Road for the X title. Also at Victory Road will be Rob Terry vs. Magnus for the Global title.

Beer Money beat Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal, setting up Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns for the vacant tag titles at Victory Road (The Band was stripped of the titles when Scott Hall was fired). Bubba Ray Dudley had attacked Neal backstage so Neal came into the match “injured.” Moore worked on his own but finally Neal came out, and ended up pinned. Watching the match as a group were Raven, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer so they are doing their ECW invasion angle.

Abyss defeated Anderson in falls count anywhere. After the match, Abyss choke slammed Anderson off the stage through a table. Hogan made the save with a chair shot on Abyss but he no-sold it. They had another pull-apart at the end.