In regards to the teased ECW invasion on TNA TV recently involving Tommy Dreamer, Raven and Stevie Richards, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports the company has every intention of doing some kind of an ECW angle, but they don’t yet know the framework of the angle.

There are said to be lots of ideas being tossed around including possibly creating a second ECW-like promotion with its own television show. While this might sound strange to some, the more television that TNA can secure with Spike the more they can charge to produce the shows and that keeps the company in business.

Discussion of this ECW angle comes at an interesting time as there is already a feeling building up that Hulk Hogan’s involvement isn’t helping (some feel he is taking the company for a ride) and Eric Bischoff isn’t offering anything else but a strong TV character. Either way, the teases are already in play for the ECW angle and many top officials in the company are pushing hard for it based on a recent focus group survey where an audience stated they were big fans of ECW and content like it.