Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

For Xplosion:

Sarita b Taylor Wilde

Rob Terry b Magnus

Max Buck b Kazuchika Okada

For the 7/8 Impact show:

It opened with Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy with them talking about the errant chair shot at the end of the show “last week.”

A.J. Styles DCOR Kazarian – Ric Flair then announced he’s signed Styles & Kazarian to be a team at Victory Road and told them they had to work together

Angelina Love b Daffney – She then challenged Madison Rayne. They added stips for the Victory Road match. If Love loses, she must retire. If Velvet Sky or Lacey Von Erich interfere and cause a DQ, then Rayne loses the title

Devon called out Bubba Dudley. Bubba came out insulting Jesse Neal. They announced a three-way with Bubba vs. Devon vs. Neal for Victory Road

RVD b Samoa Joe. After the match, Joe laid out the referee with a muscle buster

Jeremy Buck b Douglas Williams in an Ultimate X match

Matt Morgan & Beer Money b Motor City Machine Guns & Hernandez

Jay Lethal cut a promo and then Ric Flair camae out and insulted Lethal’s mother

Jeff Hardy b Mr. Anderson. Abyss laid out bofh of them after the match. RVD came out but Abyss laid him out as well. Finally, all three attacked Abyss and RVD used the Van Terminator on Abyss