When TNA President Dixie Carter stated on her official Twitter page on July 8 that “if you guys only knew who I met with today”, she actually met with Paul Heyman and believed a deal was imminent. Most people internally knew both parties were talking and felt it was only a matter of time when Heyman would arrive. However, Heyman stated publicly he wasn’t going to be at the Victory Road PPV and as of now it isn’t believed he will be at next month’s Hard Justice PPV either.

The two biggest obstacles in TNA’s way of signing Heyman is what he wants and what they seemingly don’t want to give him. Heyman clearly wants more power and doesn’t want to settle as just a booker. He has made it clear that he doesn’t believe a booking change will turn TNA around and has no interest in being part of a failure. He turned down offers from short-lived MMA promotions like IFL and Yamma and could easily gain a consulting job with WWE if he wanted to stay involved in wrestling.

Based on what is known, if Heyman commits to TNA he wants to bring in his own crew (including both wrestlers and front office) and TNA has no interest in doing that with the recent talks.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter