Here is a list of confirmed talent for the upcoming TNA Hardcore Justice PPV on Sunday, August 8.

Talent within TNA that is confirmed:
– Rob Van Dam
– Mick Foley
– Team 3D
– Raven
– Rhino
– Stevie Richards
– Simon Diamond (backstage agent)
– Al Snow (backstage agent)
– Taz
– Tommy Dreamer

Talent outside TNA that is confirmed:
– Sabu
– 2 Cold Scorpio
– CW Anderson
– The Sandman
– Jerry Lynn

Talent that has been contacted, but are not official
– Spike Dudley
– Members of The FBI
– Balls Mahoney
– Bill Alfonso
– Shane Douglas
– Johnny Swinger
– Axl Rotten (who is said to be in great shape)

Two matches already confirmed to take place are Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn (likely the main event) and Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (likely the co-main event). As reported earlier, Lance Storm was contacted about appearing and turned them down. Former ECW Champion Steve Corino will also not be working the show.

Source: The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter