South Philadelphia Street Fight
Team 3D vs. Kahoneys & Axl Rotten

Rotten and Devon go at it in the ring as Ray and Kahoneys brawl on the outside. Ray takes out Kahoneys in the ring from the second rope with a shoulder block. Taz is laughing on commentary having to refer to Balls Mahoney as Kahoneys. Ray grabs a head from the crowd and asks Kahoneys if he wants some head and smacks it over his head. All four men start brawling into the crowd in the Impact Zone. We get another “EC Dub” chant. I wonder if the legal team is cringing. The action is all over the place in the crowd. They are using a two-screen shot trying to keep track of the action. Back in the ring, Kahoneys hits a few right hands on Ray and finishes with a trash can lid shot to the head. Ray does the Flair flop. Ray grabs a frying pan and hits Kahoneys over the head with it. Ray grabs a cookie sheet, but Rotten comes in and lights him up with a few shots and a cookie sheet to the head. Kahoneys has a Star Wars light saber toy. Devon tosses another to Ray. The crowd chants, “USE THE FORCE!” Kahoneys and Ray exchange light saber shots. Kahoneys with a kick to the gut and “stabs” Ray with the light saber. Kahoneys winds up, but Ray low blows him with the light saber. Ray goes old school dancing around and drops Kahoneys with a big elbow. Devon with a reverse neckbreaker on Rotten. Kahoneys with a sitdown powerbomb on Devon. The crowd wants tables and fire. All four men have steel chairs and exchange shots. 3D fire back with chair shots of their own on Rotten and Kahoneys. Ray holds back the legs of Kahoneys and Devon connects from up top with a headbutt. You know what comes next. Devon gets the table. Gertner then jumps up on the ring apron and hands lighter fluid to Ray. Ray tosses the fluid on the table. Devon lights it. Kahoneys takes the powerbomb through the flaming table. Devon pins Kahoneys for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Brother Ray takes the mic and Team 3D is the best tag team in the world. The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) are now walking out. They hit the ring and attack both Ray and Devon. We get the usual New Jack weapons used such as crutches, trash cans and a guitar (which New Jack cracks over the head of Joel Gertner). All three tag teams then embrace and celebrate in what Tenay called a tribute to hardcore tag team wrestling.

Backstage, Raven talks about his history with Tommy Dreamer saying he surpassed him in his wrestling career.

Jesse Neal and Kazarian reflect on ECW.

Brother Ray, Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, Rhino, The Sandman, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer all pay tribute to Joey Styles.

* Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven with Mick Foley as special guest referee is up next.