Non-title match
TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

Sabu looks a little different as he is sporting a shaved head. The bell rings and Sabu goes in for a quick takedown that is countered by RVD. RVD counters another takedown attempt by Sabu. RVD and Sabu exchange takedowns and then get in a stare down. Bill Alfonso tosses a steel chair in. Sabu is the first to get it and tosses it at the face of RVD. Sabu sets it up and hits a big dive in the corner. RVD rolls out and Sabu catches him with a baseball slide. RVD goes flying over the steel guard railing. Sabu positions the chair near the ropes, hits the ropes, jumps off the chair, springboards off the top rope and dives taking out RVD in the crowd. Back in the ring, RVD monkey flips Sabu back first onto the steel chair. RVD then launches the chair at the face of Sabu. Sabu fires back with a clothesline that drops RVD. Both men get the same idea attempting a springboard flying elbow and both connect in mid-air at the same time. Alfonso gets in the ring and tosses both guys a water bottle. Water break time I guess. We then resume with both RVD and Sabu grabbing tables at the same time. Both catch each other doing the same and meet on the side of the ring locking up. RVD breaks that up, jumps up on the ring apron and kicks Sabu in the face. RVD drapes Sabu over the guard railing, RVD goes up on the ring apron, does the R-V-D pose, jumps and drops a leg over the back of Sabu’s neck/back. RVD throws a chair over the chest of Sabu and hits a slingshot leg drop. RVD goes up top and Sabu launches a chair at his head. Sabu with a snap huricanrana on RVD on the top turnbuckle. When RVD hits the mat he lands on top of a steel chair. Sabu hits his classic Arabian Facebuster using a steel chair. Sabu then locks on a camel clutch as the fans chant at him, “YOU’VE STILL GOT IT!” RVD crotches Sabu over the top rope, hits a right hand, grabs a steel chair, hands it to Alfonso, Alfonso holds up the chair and RVD hits a kick to the face using the chair springboarding off the top turnbuckle. RVD with a split leg moonsault on Sabu for another close two count. RVD brings in a table and Sabu launches a steel chair at his back and then head. RVD fires back with a kick to the face. RVD puts a chair over Sabu’s chest and connects with Rolling Thunder. RVD with a kick to Sabu’s face using a steel chair. Sabu with a huge twisting tornado DDT on RVD over a chair. Sabu is up top with a steel chair and attempts to jump over RVD, but goes crashing through the table instead. RVD is up top and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers Sabu for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Rob Van Dam celebrates his win over Sabu in the ring. RVD goes to celebrate with Sabu. Sabu shrugs him off at first, but then both embrace in a hug. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, the rest of the ECW crew walks down the ramp and joins RVD and Sabu in the ring. Everyone is carrying a beer and enjoying the end of the night. Dixie Carter joins in with a beer at ringside as well. The crowd starts a loud, “F*CK YOU VINCE!” chant. Brother Ray grabs Dixie and puts her in the ring to celebrate with the crew. Tommy Dreamer gives one last thank you on the mic as the show goes off the air.

A promo for Bound For Glory on October 10 airs.

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