SPOILERS: TNA Impact tapings for August 19

Results courtesy of Kevin R. Tomich and The Wrestling Observer:

TNA Tapings – Orlando, FL
Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010

Hello. Oddly, they only let the VIP fans in (about 125 people) and then locked the doors. Suddenly, without warning, Abyss and Jeff Hardy (no face paint) fought down the ramp, around the ring and then backstage. Once it ended, they let the rest of the “cast members” in.

In the dark match, Robbie T (or Bobby G, as it’s hard to understand SoCal Val) beat Max Buck (w/ Jeremy Buck). Robbie did a Jersey Shore gimmick and had a Snookie look-a-like valet named Cookie. Robbie won in just over 3 minutes with a combo Russian leg sweep and neck breaker maneuver.

IMPACT for Aug 19

Eric Bischoff walks to the ring with a serious look on his face. He says that in all of his years in this business, he has never seen such violence like we had “last week.”

Bischoff said that Ric Flair is being held responsible.

Eric apologized to Dixie and assures her that Ric Flair will be held accountable.

Eric called the beating “inhumane, barbaric, and borderline homicidal.”

Bischoff threatens Abyss for beating up Hardy earlier.

Now, EB turns his attention to RVD. Eric says that he visited Rob in the hospital, and that he (Rob) is being held together by stitches, staples, and pins. He claims that Rob needed 117 stitches. (Could 117 be Dixie’s street address? Hell, they’ve used Janice and Salinas already)

Eric said that Rob has numerous punctured organs, damage to his spinal column, and head trauma.

Eric said that if RVD could ever return, everyone (the fans, those in the back) will welcome him back with open arms. (Big RVD chant)

But, as Eric said, “the show must go on.” Classy.

So a decision had to be made. And, RVD is stripped of the title, and it is now vacated. An 8-man single elimination tournament will start tonight and end at Bound for Glory. (That’s what Eric said, although I presume he meant No Surrender).

Eric ended by telling RVD that his prayers are with him. Eric left.

-Segment Ended-
Fortune comes out with new music and a new video entrance. It’s very similar to Evolution. Everyone is dressed in suits (or at least shirt/tie) except for “Big Bad Doug” Williams (as Flair called him), who was dressed for competition later in the evening.

Flair ripped on ECW and EV2 and said that the marquee says wrestling and not kendo sticks or garbage cans. He went on to bury EV2.

AJ took the stick and in a great line said that EV2 really wanted their last shot at glory. “You wanted a hardcore finale? Ask and ye shall receive,” he said. He closed by saying that it was his blood, sweat, and tears that built TNA. No one has spent more time in a TNA ring than AJ Styles. TNA is AJ Styles, and this (IMPACT Zone) is the house that AJ built.

Dixie steps out on the ramp way. She says to AJ that he might’ve “built” the house, but she “owns” the house. EV2.0 comes out onto the ramp to stand by Dixie.

Tonight, EV2 is Sandman, Stevie Richards, Rhino, Sabu, FBI (Guido & Tony Luke), Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, and Raven.

Dixie said that last week, these guys did not have TNA contracts, but now they do. Tommy held up his contract. I couldn’t tell if it said “contract” in big letters or not.

Flair starts ripping on Dixie and tells her to go back to advertising. He told her to do what a woman is supposed to do and make men smile.

Foley jumped into the conversation and told Flair that he remembers when his phone rang a few months back, and it was Ric Flair. Flair was calling Foley to ask if he should come to TNA or not. Foley told him yes, and now he looks back and sees that as the biggest mistake of his career. (I beg to differ. Dropping elbows onto the concrete in front of 200 fans was a bigger mistake)

Flair interrupts Foley and says that they (Flair & Foley) should roll around in the barbed wire one more time. I guess this plants the seeds for a future match (presumably at B4G).

Dreamer says that Dixie asked EV2.0 not to get physical during this segment, or they’d be down there (in the ring) tearing Fortune apart. Dreamer promises that they’ll get Abyss for what he did to RVD. And, says that he can’t be physical now, but later he will, because tonight, for the first time ever, it’s AJ Styles versus Tommy Dreamer, and it’s going to get extreme.

-Segment Ended-

Someone needs to get Dixie a beret. Seeing her stand there with EV2.0 was so reminiscent of Stephanie with the Invasion “ECW”. Tommy played the part of Paul E. and stroked Dixie’s ego. He treated her like the savior of the business. She is so nice, but so naïve. Does anyone want to see Dixie represent the ECW originals? Hell, bring out Jerry Jarrett with the TNA Originals of David Young, Sonny Siaki, The Naturals, The Dupps, and Apollo.

(1) Tournament Match: Jeff Hardy (selling the beating from earlier) defeated “The Freak” Rob Terry in 3:17 with the swanton. Terry is simply God awful. He missed his spin kick by a mile, and had to redo it. He is Brakkus bad.

(2) Tournament Match: Mr Anderson defeated Jay Lethal in 4:11 with the mic check. Anderson helped Lethal to his feet after the bout.

(3) TNA knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) defeated Madison Rayne (w/biker chick) to retain her title in a marathon 1:37 of a match with a big boot to the kisser (ala The Barbarian). Angelina and Velvet celebrated together after the match.

(4) Tournament Match: Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams in 4:52 with the ankle lock submission. Doug did 3 bobbleheads. It was a fun physical match. Angle handed the X Title Belt to Williams after the contest.

Sting and Kevin Nash came out for a promo. Nash said that after 25 years in this business, and all of his operations, he isn’t just in it for the money. (Huh? Wasn’t that his whole gimmick?)

Nash said that people have called him a cancer, but that’s bullshit. He said that the cancer is in the back, and it’s time to tell the truth…

Jeff Jarrett comes out on the ramp and interrupts Nash. Jeff said that Nash only cares about Nash and that Sting has a closet full of skeletons that tell what kind of man he (Sting) really is.

Jeff reminded us that he founded this company and that Hogan and Bischoff came to make the company even better. So tonight, Jeff is going to grab a chair and come down there (the ring) to beat their (Sting/Nash) asses.

Hulk Hogan then steps onto the stage next to Jarrett. Hogan agrees with Jeff and said that he’ll walk to the ring with him. Hogan and Jarrett “walk” to the ring (Hogan = slow). All 4 men have a stare down. The lights go out.

As the lights are out, we (crowd) can see Fortune run into the ring. Also, we can see Jarrett and Hogan just lay down on the mat. The lights come on and Fortune is beating up Sting and Nash. Are the viewers supposed to think that Hogan and Jarrett were beat up in the dark, or is this a master plan where it will be revealed that Hogan and Jarrett are aligned with Fortune (along with Bischoff)? Perhaps Hogan just didn’t want to take any bumps in his condition and just (gingerly) laid down instead?

(5) Tournament Match: The Pope defeated Matt Morgan via pinfall in 4:46. They were outside the ring and Morgan got thrown into the ring post. The pope then hit Morgan with the double nekkid knee into Morgan’s back and sent him into the post again. Pope rolled him into the ring for the 3-count.

(6) Tournament Match? Perhaps, they didn’t announce either way. AJ Styles pinned Tommy Dreamer in 6:37. In a shocker, Tommy bled. Fortune came down the ramp during the match, but EV2 came out and cut them off. With all of the distractions, Abyss ran into the ring and gave Tommy the black hole slam. AJ covered Dreamer for the win.

After the match, there was a huge brawl (again) with Fortune and EV2. I guess Pat Kenney and Al Snow are back to just being agents as they just tried to restore order and did not favor EV2 at all.

This concludes the IMPACT taping.


(1) Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea) defeated Jesse Neal in 8:58 with the Tower of London.

(2) Shannon Moore defeated Magnus (w/Chelsea) in 6:10. Magnus wore a beret to the ring (the kind you’d find in a second hand store). Shannon won with a neckbreaker from the top. Desmond ran in for a double team on Moore. Neal ran out for the save, but was beaten up.

Dark Match: Roderick Strong defeated Jamil Patel (from Bollywood, India) in 4:21 with a running kick and knee to the abdomen. Patel came to the ring with a movie award statue. Strong was over huge with the Orlando crowd.


Thanks for reading, and good night from Orlando!

Kevin R. Tomich
State College, PA

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