The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with TNA star Stevie Richards where he discusses the possibility of TNA streaming live video from house show events across the country very soon.

Richards added, “I’m sort of involved behind the scenes. I think every talent is involved in some part of the process behind the scenes. I’m working with the TNA website, and we’re going to have some type of relationship with my tech review site []. I’m going to start writing a health and fitness blog. I’m going to start bringing my technical expertise with JB. Jeremy Borash is just amazing. He does like 20 different jobs. We’re going to try to bring live video streams of the live events. We’re going to try and make that happen. I think I’m already wearing all these different hats with the company, and I want more. I want to work more. If they asked me to move to Nashville [TNA’s home base], I would do it.”

To check out the full interview, which also features Richards talking about the Hardcore Justice PPV this past Sunday in Orlando, click here.