Al Snow talks Hardcore Justice, Heyman, and more

From Todd Frizzell:

Recently Low Blow Radio was joined by ECW original, former WWE star, and current TNA agent AL SNOW for an uncut, unedited 90 minute interview! The following are some highlights…

When asked about Hardcore Justice Al said…

“I was pretty excited when I heard they were doing it. We got to the building that weekend and had a great time just like any other TNA event. I showed up and didn’t know yet who’d I’d be facing and obviously I was put into a match with Rhino and Spike Dudley. Very fun atmosphere and we all had a lot of fun doing what we do best one more time.”

When asked about the possibility of bringing back a form of ECW to TNA as a brand Al said the following…

“Well initially I’d say it would be great for those who would be involved in it but then again I don’t really know if it would work. How many wrestling fans today were actually exposed to the original ECW, and for those fans who were would they actually be motivated to go buy tickets and see it again? That’s hard to say but I think TNA’s focus is where it needs to be and where it needs to stay and that’s to build TNA. TNA’s not in a place like WWE so I think TNA needs to focus on TNA if that makes sense.”

When asked about TNA’s overall direction Al replied by saying…

“I think that TNA’s current direction is going very well and they are on the right track. One thing I would like to see TNA do is more segments backstage as a way for the viewer to get to know the wrestlers a little better. Get to know their personalities, their characters, why they do what they do. Slow the show down a bit.”

When asked about the potential of Paul Heyman coming to TNA Al said…

“Well the chances of that happening at this time are very slim. Maybe sometime down the line but not now. It would obviously create a change in TNA. In sports when a team changes coaches the team changes and evolves. TNA have switched coaches if you will quite a few times over the years and sometimes when you do that too many times things tend to loose momentum and it’s difficult to keep moving forward in the same direction. It’s hard. It’s like the titanic. In order to change direction it has to take a wide, gradual turn in order to do so. Things wouldn’t work out otherwise. I think TNA needs to keep who their working with and keep doing what they’re doing.”

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