Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe vs. Sting & Kevin Nash

Before the match, Jeff Jarrett told the referee to remove Sting’s bat from the ringside area. Kevin Nash grabbed the bat and teased he was going to hit Samoa Joe with it. Joe just pushed forward and got in Nash’s face. The bell rings and we start with Sting and Samoa Joe. Sting gets in a cheap shot on Jarrett. Joe goes after Sting and Nash hits the ring to go after Joe. Joe fights off Nash with a big kick to the head. Joe with stiff right hands to Sting and a huge splash/kick to the head combo in the corner. Tag to Jarrett who works over Sting with right hands. Nash with a cheap shot on Jarrett when he hits the ropes and Sting drops Jarrett soon after. Tag to Nash who drops Jarrett face first off the turnbuckle. Nash with a side slam on Jarrett. Tag back to Sting who works over the left arm of Jarrett. Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Sting goes for a body splash and Jarrett gets the knees up. Tag to Joe, but the referee doesn’t see it and pushes Joe back to his corner. Sting catches Jarrett with a big clothesline and both go down. Tag to Joe who drops Sting and Nash. Joe with an atomic drop, kick to the face, senton splash on Sting and kick to Nash’s head. Joe with a suicide dive on Nash. In the ring, Jarrett catches Sting with a high knee. Sting then drops Jarrett into the ropes. Jarrett grabs the baseball bat in the corner and hits Sting in the gut with it. Jarrett tosses it away and leaves the ring as Joe gets back in. Joe applies the rear naked choke on Sting. The referee calls for the bell when Sting goes out.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Samoe Joe celebrate the win. Tenay and Taz question Jarrett using Sting’s bat when he wanted it out of play at the start of the match.

* Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles in an “I Quit” match is in progress.