“I Quit” Match
TNA TV Champion AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

AJ Styles tried to attack Tommy Dreamer during his entrance. The bell officially rings when Dreamer drops Styles’ arm off the top rope and gets inside. On the outside, Dreamer pulls back on the head of Styles against the steel ring post. Dreamer told the referee to ask him and Styles on the mic responded, “You still suck Tommy Dreamer!” Styles comes back with some big chops to Dreamer. Dreamer gets a full nelson applied on Styles. Styles says on the mic, “Screw you Dreamer!” when asked by the referee. Styles goes shoulder first into the steel ring post when Dreamer moved. Dreamer drops Styles with a clothesline running over the ring apron and jumping at Styles. Styles gives Dreamer a suplex onto the ramp. Styles tries to lock on a Figure Four when Dreamer grabs one of the production lights on the ramp and hits Styles in the head with it. Dreamer starts choking Styles with the cord attached to the light and he still refuses to say he quits on the mic. Styles pulls up some of the floor padding to expose the concrete floor. Styles goes for a Styles Clash, Dreamer floats out and sends Styles into the ring post. Dreamer with a shoulder breaker across the knee. Dreamer gets a modified armbar applied on the left arm of Styles. Styles screams that Dreamer sucks when asked by the referee. Dreamer gets Styles’ arm wrapped up in a steel chair and Dreamer drops his body over it. Styles tries to use a fork (no idea where that came from) and Dreamer counters out going for a crossface. Styles breaks it up and rolls out. Dreamer follows sending Styles face first into the steel ring steps. Styles crotches Dreamer across the guard railing. Back in the ring, Dreamer fights out of a Figure Four attempt by Styles. Styles kicks Dreamer with force on the knee and then crotches him by pulling him into the steel ring post. Styles then locks on a Figure Four on Dreamer using the steel ring post. Dreamer finds a way to fight out, but Styles gets back in and drops his knee over a steel chair. Styles with another Figure Four on Dreamer. Dreamer turns himself over to reverse it on Styles. Styles attempts a dropkick to Dreamer’s face, but gets hits leg caught inside the steel chair. Dreamer closes the chair over Styles’ leg and applies pressure. Dreamer sees the fork Styles tried to use earlier and picks it up. Styles with a Pele Kick on Dreamer. Styles attempts a suicide dive, but Dreamer catches Stylse with a kendo stick to the head. Dreamer cracks the stick across the side of Styles and connects with a pump handle slam using the kendo stick. Dreamer applies a crossface on Styles using the kendo stick. Dreamer eventually lets go and Styles catches Dreamer in the eye with the fork. Styles with a standing dropkick to Dreamer. Styles starts driving the fork into the eye of Dreamer, Dreamer is busted open and screaming. Dreamer screams, “I quit!”

Winner: AJ Styles

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle. Hemme brings up how if Angle loses any kind of a singles match then he will leave TNA. He said Jeff Hardy is a good wrestler, but he is better and he is TNA.

* Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy in a Semifinals match with the winner advancing to Bound for Glory is up next.