Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer

Eric Bischoff opens the show with Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Bischoff talked about their match at No Surrender with a “This is awesome” chant erupting. Bischoff then announces a three-way with Angle vs. Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the title at Bound for Glory. Dixie Carter then overrules Bischoff and announces Angle vs. Hardy in a no time limit match, with the winner facing Anderson at Bound for Glory.

Samoa Joe double count out Kevin Nash. Sting and Jeff Jarrett both interfered. Pull-apart afterwards.

Jay Lethal b Douglas Williams to win the X Division title. They did a confetti celebration after the match.

Hamada & Taylor Wilde b Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich to keep the Knockouts tag team titles. Von Erich got pinned and then Rayne and Tara attacked her. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky made the save for Von Erich, who is now part of the Love/Sky Beautiful People group.

Tommy Dreamer did a promo saying he was the only member of EV 2 there. He called out Fortune. He told Fortune that he came by himself because he told his friends to stay home because he’s sad that they keep getting hurt. Dreamer asked for a truce. Fat chance. Dreamer then said he was the one who got Kazarian his job with WWE. He said Kazarian wasn’t happy there and how he met his wife in TNA. Dreamer talked about how much potential Matt Morgan has, and how he was the one who wrestled Bobby Roode when Roode has his WWE tryout, and how Roode turned down the job to go to TNA. He then said Ric Flair was the ultimate hardcore wrestler and how when Ric Flair retires, it will be the saddest day in wrestling history. Dreamer than said that A.J. Styles was the best wrestler in the world today. He offered to shake hands with Styles over their match. Styles then put over Dreamer and the original ECW, but that he doesn’t need Dreamer to put him over. Fortune all attacked Dreamer. Brian Kendrick did a run-in but they laid him out as well.

Kendrick after it was over wanted someone from Fortune. Morgan came out but Kendrick pinned Morgan. Morgan wanted a rematch saying it was a fluke but Kendrick wouldn’t come back out.

Abyss is now using a branding iron as a weapon and screaming 10/10/10.

Generation Me, now heels, getting the spot Magnus & Wolfe were going to have, said that Alex Shelley won’t be wrestling for a while and the Machine Guns would lose their belts because the titles have to be defended every 30 days and Shelley won’t make it back. They demanded Chris Sabin come out and give them the belts. Sabin came out and attacked them, but got laid out.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy ended up as a draw. Brian Hebner was knocked down so Earl Hebner came out. They did a double pin and each Hebner counted a fall. They argued over who won. They had them watch the instant replay, and they decided the replay was inconclusive. Bischoff then announced it would be a three-way at Bound for Glory.