Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

Abyss b Rob Terry via DQ when RVD attacked Abyss to set up the RVD vs. Abyss match at Bound for Glory.

The Pope said that he deserves a shot at the TNA title.

Taylor Wilde & Hamada b Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich.

Chris Sabin b Jeremy Buck – However the Bucks stole possession of his tag belt after the match.

Samoa Joe b The Pope – Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Sting all fought at ringside.

A.J. Styles b Sabu in a ladder match to keep the TV title. This gave Fortune the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match (Fortune vs. EV 2 at Bound for Glory).

Jeff Hardy was passed out. Abyss was about to sic Janice on him but RVD made the save. Abyss then went to use Janice on RVD but it was broken up.