Cush sent this report in:

TNA House Show Report Columbia, SC 10-01-10

I attended the TNA house show in Columbia, SC this weekend. I purchased a front row ticket and was able to get in early for a meet and greet. Don West let us in and explained how it would work. West was awesome all night. He was shilling merchandise the entire evening. He was cool though and was signing autographs (including my program) all night.

The people who came out for the meet and greet were: AJ Styles, Doug Williams, Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Robert Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Magnus, Rhino, and Slick Johnson. Samoa Joe was set up at a table at 6:30 pm. (I was first in line).

JB came out to start the show on time, and was pumping up the crowd for some backstage passes. A backstage crew member came out and said that The Pope doesn’t want any backstage passes handed out tonight. Of course the crowd booed this, which brought out The Pope. He cut a heel promo and called JB a woman and tried to pull his pants down to prove it.

This brings out Jeff Jarrett who challenges Pope to a match where if he wins, they hand out backstage passes.

Match 1) Jeff Jarrett defeated The Pope. Pretty good opener, definitely got the crowd hot. Jarrett wins with the stroke. (referee Slick Johnson)

Match 2) Brian Kendrick defeated Doug Williams and Shannon Moore in a triple threat match. A fast paced match as you would expect. Crowd was pretty into Moore. Kendrick wins with a flying kick to Williams face. (referee Slick Johnson)

Earl Hebner was then introduced and played to the crowd. He then rips off his shirt and is wearing the Damn right I did shirt with referee stripes.

Match 3) Madison Rayne defeated Velvet Sky. This was a little bit of a sloppy match, but who cares cause VELVET SKY WAS THERE!!!!!!!!! They did a spot where Sky pushes Rayne into Hebner who then lays a big smooch on her. Rayne win with a kind of botched roll up. It looked like Sky kicked out but Hebner counted the 3. Not sure if it was suppose to look like that or not. (referee Earl Hebner)

Match 4) The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in a tag team title match. This was an awesome match, probably match of the night. Guns win with their double team finisher. (referee Earl Hebner)

Intermission: Madison Rayne was signing autographs at the table

Match 5) Rhino and Samoa Joe defeated Magnus and Eric Young. Joe was way over. Young was hilarious as he kept acting as though he was teaming with the faces. He was all over the place, including locking up with both Magnus and referee Slick Johnson. The match ended with Rhino hitting Magnus with a Gore. (Joe was waving his towel like a matador) Young celebrated with the faces after the match. (referee Slick Johnson)

Match 6) Jeff hardy defeated AJ Styles (with Ric Flair). Columbia is definitely Flair country and he knows it. Flair cut a promo before the match and gave a shout out to the gamecocks, while saying Styles only fault was that he was a Georgia fan. Flair also pointed out a sign to Hardy that said “The House that Flair built.” Of course Hardy was over with crowd as well. Great match. Flair was ejected from ringside after interfering. Hardy won with the Swanton Bomb. (referee Earl Hebner)

After the match, Hardy stayed in the ring for pictures ($20). I got one. A few wrestlers came out to sign around the ring as well. Jeff Jarrett and Velvet Sky were signing at the table. I got them to sign my program and then bought two pictures of them ($10 for both) and got back in line again. (It is Velvet Sky). Overall a great experience.

This was my 3rd TNA house show and was the best one yet. If you haven’t attended a TNA house show it is an experience you will never forget. It is extremely fan friendly.

Biggest Pops: 1). Ric Flair 2). Jeff Hardy 3). Samoa Joe/Velvet Sky

Biggest Heat: 1). Pope 2). Earl Hebner (after ejecting Flair) 3). Madison Rayne/Magnus