Jeff Jackson sent this in:

WNL returned for a huge season premiere with an epic Kurt Angle interview that covered Kurts WWE days as Kurt goes into great detail on his match at SummerSlam 2000 where he suffered a concussion and how Stephanie, The Rock , and Triple H helped him through the match which he didn’t remember, The reason he was put in the Hair match with Edge , Shane McMahon as an a athlete and his match at KOR 2001 against Shane , funny moments in the WWE. Talk shifted to TNA Wrestling ,his recent No Surrender match with Jeff Hardy, Bound for Glory on 10-10-10, Advertising in TNA, The Talent in TNA and The Main Event Mafia , his fueds with AJ and Jarrett and his future in TNA and crticism of the TNA product. Angle Foods was discussed as Kurt laid out the product in great detail and his goals for Angle Foods.JJ and Trey asked a few WNL Family Email questions including Kurts favorite match and ansering criticism on his in ring style. JJ asked if Kurt had interest in 1 last run with WWE before he retires, his latest movie called “Beyond the Mat” John Cena and Legendary, The finish to the Undertaker/KANE Hell in a Cell PPV, Brock Lesnar’s rise in MMA and the story behind Brock’s Dagger Tattoo. Kurt gave JJ and Trey almost 2 hours in this very candid interview brought to you by Wrestling News Live.