TNA X Division Championship
Jay Lethal (c) vs. Douglas Williams

Douglas Williams grounds Jay Lethal early on working over his wrist. Lethal with some big arm drags on Williams. Williams with a quick clothesline on Lethal. Lots of British fans in the house supporting Williams. Lethal with a big facebuster on Williams. Williams locks the head of Lethal and throws a few knees to the head. Lethal trying to fight to his feet as Williams keeps a head lock applied. Williams with a quick knee to the gut, another, but Lethal is able to answer with a back body drop/modified northern lights suplex without a bridge. Lethal with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks on Williams. Lethal with a springboard moonsault on Williams for a two count. Williams with a huge release german suplex on Lethal. Williams with a knee and snap suplex combo on Lethal. Lethal fights off a gutwrench powerbomb, Williams responds with a big boot and big overhead suplex. Lots of heat for Williams. Williams with a huge rolling through german suplex for a close two count into a bridge. Williams starts arguing with referee Earl Hebner. Williams attempts a top rope huricanrana, but Lethal hangs on and rolls through for the pinfall. Williams can’t believe it.

Winner & still TNA X Division Champion: Jay Lethal

After the match, Jay Lethal leaves the ring and heads into the crowd celebrating with his title. Robbie E. of The Shore appears and takes him out. Cookie is also there. Robbie tosses Lethal over the guard railing and back into the ring. Robbie drops Lethal with a big clothesline and then gives him an RKO. He gets on the mic, “Lethal bro, you are a disgrace to Jersey my dude.” Robbie puts the X Division championship over his shoulder and says, “After I win this X Division title bro, I’m bringing it back to Jersey, blinging it out and I’m going to add some class to it, just like Robbie E. and Cookie.” Cookie adds, “Jersey is in the house bitches.” They stand over Lethal and fist pump.

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