Team 3D is on their way out to the arena to make a “major announcement.” Brother Ray takes the mic and asks the fans in Daytona Beach if they are having a good time tonight. Big reaction. Ray said February of 1996, South Philadelphia, Team 3D made a committment to become the most successful tag team that pro wrestling has ever seen. He said they have been busting their ass for the last 15 years to become the 23-time World Tag Team champions in organizations all over the world. Ray said they are proud to work in company that respects tag team wrestling. He said there comes a time in an athlete’s career when you have to make a big decision. Ray said as of this moment tonight, Team 3D is officially retired. He adds they have one last request and that is one more match. Ray said if they have one last match then it will be with the TNA World Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns. He said if The Guns beat us they can write at the top of their resume that they were the team to retire Team 3D, but if they win they retire as the 24-time tag team champions. Ray ends the promo thanking the fans for always supporting them.

A video package runs highlighting the feud between Fortune and EV2.0.

* Fortune vs. EV2.0 in a Lethal Lockdown match is next.