TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

No special ring introductions as the bell rings and we go right into it. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy double team Mr. Anderson in the corner. Angle gets dumped out and Hardy levels Anderson. Anderson with a swinging neckbreaker on Hardy and Angle rolls back in to break up the pinfall. Angle with a quick overhead belly-to-belly on Anderson. We get a triple german suplex by Angle on both Hardy and Anderson. Angle tosses Anderson out and works over Hardy. Hardy back body drops Angle over the top rope and Angle lands with a thud. Anderson rolls back in and goes after Hardy dropping a series of elbows. Angle pulls Anderson out and hits a big right. Angle and Anderson exchange right hands as Hardy dives over the top rope taking them both out. Angle and Hardy are back in the ring first and he chops Hardy down. Angle with a snap suplex on Hardy. Angle with a huge superplex on Hardy off the top. Anderson takes out Angle with his flipping senton. Hardy with his jumping dropkick to the chest on Angle. Hardy went up top, jumps for a Swanton, Anderson moves and Angle moved forward. Very strange spot. Angle has Hardy up top on the corner and attempts another superplex. Anderson walks up, gets under Angle and we get a Tower of Doom spot.

Angle with a german suplex on Anderson, a second and a third with a release. Angle with a german now on Hardy, a second and a third with a release. Angle drops the straps. Angle goes for an ankle lock on Hardy and gets it applied. Anderson goes to break it up, Angle ducks, drops Anderson and hooks both ankles of Hardy and Anderson together. Angle has a double ankle lock applied on both Hardy and Anderson. Hardy and Anderson roll through to break that up. Angle goes up top and Anderson cuts him off. Anderson has Angle on his shoulders and Anderson executes his senton flip. Hardy is up top, Anderson covers Angle and Hardy flies hitting a Swantom to break up the pinfall. Hardy covers Angle and Anderson and both kick out. Anderson is knocked outside and Angle hits the Angle Slam on Hardy, cover and Hardy kicks out. Anderson is going up top. Angle walks up and hits a big right hand. More rights from Angle, climbs up with Anderson and Angle executes a modified Angle Slam on Anderson. Hardy quickly runs over and covers Anderson for a close two count. Hardy catches Angle with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind combo. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Anderson. Hardy is now going up top. Hardy hits a Swanton over Anderson big time.

Hardy hooks the leg on Anderson and Angle pulls him off applying the ankle lock. Hardy is trying to kick Angle away. Hardy rolls through sending Angle into Anderson who hits the Mic Check. Anderson hooks the leg of Angle and gets a very close two count. Anderson with a roll up, Hardy breaks that up and gets one of his own for a close two count. Hardy and Anderson hit each other with a double clothesline. Angle is going up top and hits a huge moonsault on Hardy. Angle hooks the leg and Hardy powers out before the three count. Hardy falls out of the ring in doing so. Anderson with rights to Angle. Angle responds with rights of his own. Lots of counters between Anderson and Angle. Referee bump when Angle talks out Brian Hebner with a clothesline. Angle with a german suplex on Anderson, Anderson blocks a second attempt and hits a Mic Check. Eric Bischoff is walking out with a steel chair. Bischoff gets in the ring and is holding up the chair. Hulk Hogan’s music hits. We see Hogan coming down the ramp on crutches. Bischoff is shocked. Hogan works his way into the ring with help from security. Bischoff tosses the steel chair away. Hogan gets in Bischoff’s face. Hogan tosses a crutch at Bischoff. Hogan holds up his crutch. Hardy gets in between them to stop a fight. Hogan hands the other crutch to Hardy. Hardy breaks the crutch over the neck of Angle. Hogan and Bischoff smile pointing at Hardy. Hogan and Bischoff hug. Hardy breaks the other crutch off the back of Anderson. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Anderson, hooks the leg, Bischoff drags the referee back in, the referee counts the pin and we have a new champion.

Winner & NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Eric Bischoff gets on the mic and announces Jeff Hardy as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Abyss walks down and hugs Hulk Hogan. Jeff Jarrett is in next and raises the hand of the new champion Hardy. Jarrett jumps into the arms of Abyss celebrating. Rob Van Dam hits the ring and asks Jeff Hardy what he is doing. Hardy knocks out RVD with the title. The PPV goes off the air with Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, Hardy and Abyss all celebrating in the ring as trash is thrown in. Tenay said Bound for Glory will always be known as the date where Jeff Hardy made a deal with the devil.