Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

For the show that airs 10/21

Mr. Anderson showed up with his arm in a sling and demands Jeff Hardy to come out. RVD came out and also demanded an explanation from Hardy. Hardy then was on the screen and asked everyone for forgiveness. Eric Bischoff came out and said he tried to motivate Anderson but that apparently he didn’t do a good enough job. He told Anderson that if he can beat Kazarian in an Ultimate X match, he gets a shot at Hardy for the title at Turning Point. He also announced Sabu & Van Dam vs. Beer Money, and threw in a lie about Van Dam needing to watch his back.

Robbie E b Amazing Red. He issued a challenge for Jay Lethal’s X division title.

A.J. Styles b Pope in a street fight. Fortune was banned from interfering. Abyss interfered and gave Pope a black hole slam and Styles won.

RVD went into the EV 2 locker room and demanded to know who Bischoff bought off. He figured out it was Raven and attacked him, naturally showing the top babyface as a goof since he was wrong.

Jeff Jarrett came out and said he regrets last week–regrets he didn’t beat Kurt Angle down worse. Jarrett said he was the King of Wrestling (he’s been wanting to be that for 25 years) and told everyone he gave Angle a job when nobody else wanted to touch him. Jarrett talked about how Angle’s career was now over. Samoa Joe hit the ring to attack Jarrett but security stopped him and handcuffed him. Jarrett then beat down Joe and threw him off the stage.

Beer Money b Sabu & RVD when Sabu accidentally hit RVD with a chair and Roode pinned him. Sabu apologized but RVD didn’t believe it, and attacked Sabu. The two had to be separated.

Mickie James b Sarita – Tara laid out James after with the widow’s peak.

Kazarian b Anderson in the Ultimate X match. Fortune all attacked Anderson before the match and injured him. Fortune interfered in the match, ending with Matt Morgan power bombing Anderson. Morgan then helps Kazarian up the ladder to grab the X to win. Anderson found a pipe and chased off everyone, but then Hardy came from behind and laid out Anderson with a chair shot and destroyed the shoulder with a chair.

Jessie Godderz of Big Brother fame got a tryout as Mr. Pectacular in a dark match against Stevie Richards.