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CBS Reality Star (and Two Sport Pro Athlete) Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz offered major Development Deal with TNA!

After a very successful match-up against TNA Superstar Stevie Richards at last night’s iMPACT tapings, inside sources report that Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz has just received an official development contract offer from TNA.

If accepted, he’s expected to start training with Brother Ray & Devon at the respected Team 3D Wrestling Academy next month in preparation for his TNA debut early next year.

The Team 3D Academy is slowly becoming TNA’s version of FCW (where future superstars train before being called up to the main TNA roster). Mr. PEC-Tacular would be Team 3D’s Academy’s biggest acquisition by far if this deal is accepted.

Sources report TNA hopes to turn Mr. PEC-Tacular into their own successful version of The Miz in WWE.

Mr. PEC-Tacular is already The Youngest 2-Sport Pro Athlete ever (having achieved that title after turning Pro in Bodybuilding’s WNBF at age 20 and turning Pro in Wrestling’s WFX at age 23).

Mr. PEC-Tacular also holds another record: having appeared on the hit CBS reality series “Big Brother” more times than anyone in it’s long history.

He first starred on the show in 2008, then was invited back amid much fanfare in 2009, and then was invited back yet again to perk-up the ratings with a surprise guest appearance on the show once again this year:


CBS’ trick worked. Mr. PEC-Tacular’s appearance helped give Big Brother their largest Adult 18-34 rating in nearly three years…and the episode also attracted Big Brother’s largest audience on any night since September of ’09.

And he was also featured for months on the CBS.com home page to increase web traffic exponentially.

Mr. PEC-Tacular also just finished filming a new television pilot and workout DVD in New York with CBS As The World Turns star and NBC Days Of Our Lives star Austin Peck.

The television pilot is called The Peck-ing Order and the DVD is called The Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz Arm & Chest Workout.

The DVD is expected to be released by Thanksgiving by the fledgling television production company If The World Spins Productions–run by Daytime Award-Winning Producer and Director Sonia Blangiardo.

Mr. PEC-Tacular is also in talks to host a new series for FOX College Sports Network entitled C.A.W.L. TO ARMS involving a new collegiate arm wrestling league (expected to debut next summer).

Lastly, Mr. PEC-Tacular is also currently starring as a Main Event Headliner for WFX Wrestling’s WFX Overload show up in Winnipeg. It airs every Friday Night in the states on The America One Sports Network: www.WFXWrestling.com

To top it all off, he’s also already been “unofficially” invited back to Big Brother for another surprise appearance next summer.

Mr. PEC-Tacular has millions of fans worldwide who either love him or love to hate him–similar to how fans react to John Cena in the WWE.

For more information on TNA’s potential latest superstar acquisition, Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz, please check out: http://www.MrPEC-Tacular.com