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Full Transcript of Pro Wrestling Report ken Anderson Interview – January 25, 2010

Dameon Nelson (DN): How are things out in NYC?

Ken Anderson (KA): Wonderful! Just finished 6 hours of acting classes followed by a cab ride thru Soho to the Upper West side.

Meathead (MH): Frank said you where on “Cash Cab” is that true?

KA: That’s why I couldn’t answer that call earlier I was winning money.

DN: What was the top speed in the cab? I have flown thru Central park faster than people should travel on a residential road out in NY.

DN: Thank you Ken for carving out some time in what is clearly a busy schedule for us we’ll keep it brief.

KA: I like you guys, your all right, you got a good show.

DN: Thank you for that we’re gonna get right into it we’re gonna talk about what everybody’s talking which your debut with TNA Wrestling back at Genesis what made you come to terms with TNA and get back in the business with TNA Wrestling.

KA: It was something that I wanted to do I wanted to sign with TNA right after my WWE career ended but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t stepping into the wrong situation. I kinda just got out of a relationship that wasn’t good for both parties and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes again and that I wasn’t setting myself up for failure and when the time was right after that tour of Australia with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan we went back and forth which was a fun negotiation process which was nice because when I first started with WWE there was no negotiating at all it was just ?take it or leave it pal?. So it was nice to be able to not pick and choose but this is stuff that I?ve learned and stuff that I?m willing to negotiate on. I couldn?t have been happier with the debut, I was also happy to work with Abyss and I had worked with him on a couple independent show about 6 years ago before I got called up to WWE and I forgot how big he was he’s grown since the last time I saw him.

DN: He is an intimidating monster for sure.

David Herro (DH): You know Ken you come into TNA, your put into the semi-main event at a PPV and then you tape the next 3 weeks of TV, it looks like they have some pretty big plans for Mr. Anderson.

DN: Anderson.

KA: Ha Ha. Thank you for that

KA: Look, all I can say right now is I?m? really happy with the ways things are going right now. I?ve had a lot of fun granted it’s only been a week. I don?t have somebody telling me exactly how to be me. That’s just a difference of opinion I guess on how things are run operationally but so far that’s worked well for me they give me bullet points and let me do my thing by letting us call our own spots and promo’s in the ring.

Frank Cossentino (FC): When you look up and down the TNA roster Ken are there some wrestlers that you would like to work with?

KA: There’s so many AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, I?d love to get into the ring with Abyss some more.

DN: You talk about getting back into the ring with Abyss there has been some mixed reviews about the match with Abyss.

KA: You know the first meeting between 2 people is usually you know literally we didn?t have a lot of time to discuss it or put anything together I was kept a secret all day long at the hotel and I didn?t get to the building until 6pm granted that I worked with him 6 years ago.

MH: It’s like working with a cruiserweight compared to the heavyweight that you?re working with now.

KA: It’s a big difference. I think that as time wears on and we work with each other on you?ll always be able to put on a better performance.

DN: Now the TNA fans some of them have turned there backs on TNA.

KA: Turned there backs on TNA, why is this?

DN: Well there saying this Hogan thing, this Bischoff thing the people that there bringing in that there not good for the company, what your thoughts? ?.. on the fans?

KA: I would say that they tried things a certain way for a number of years and WWE is still pulling 3.5’s and TNA is pulling .9 and .8’s and at some point you have to make a business decision and say ?what are these guys doing over here and what are they not doing that we could be doing that would be a little bit different that could put us on top. People don?t like change and a lot of times if they give it time they come around.
DN: Ken your thoughts on Bubba The Love Sponge?

KA: He speaks his mind that’s for sure. I appreciate someone that speaks there mind. I think now a days you have too many people who hide behind ?Oh I don?t want to say that or I don?t want to say that? or hurt somebody’s feelings. We live in a free country and we can all agree to disagree and we can all hang out and be friends and respect each other for our differences.

MH: Hey Ken, now we know that thru your Twitter page you were unable to see the first game and only saw the second half of the second game and to be honest we?re a little conflicted here and a little confused and we all know you?re a Packer backer to start and you live in Minnesota how do you feel about 4(Brett Favre)’s decision to maybe bail on his 3rd team in 3 years and to be a little honest I wished leprosy on him during the game just because I?m a little tired of hearing about Brett Favre speak a little about Brett Favre and his possibility to bail on his 3rd team in 3 years.

KA: Is that what he said he said he’s thinking about bailing again?

MH: Ya that’s what he said he’s thinking about not coming back.

DN: He’s working on a sponsorship deal with Kleenex.

DH: Aw come on guys.

KA: I?ve got mixed emotions.

MH: Ken we have ESPN on in the studio and the quote is ?It’s unlikely that I?ll return next year but it’s been an awesome year?.

KA: Yeah he said that last year and the year before that and the year before that. I guess we?ll find out week 1 of the next season. He is Brett Favre but I was kinda angry that he left in the first place.

MH: I guess that we can summarize that Brett Favre left because it was more about Brett Favre than it was about the team.

DH: Is this Fantasy Football weekly?

KA: I don?t know why he would want to leave the team is strong and they where almost in the Super Bowl.

KA: A couple of years ago Brett almost brought the Packers to the Super Bowl. The moment that it dawned on me that Brett is all about himself is the week that Childress wanted to pull Brett from the game and he said ?Hell No?.

Show went to break and they returned with part 2 of the Ken Anderson interview on the Pro Wrestling Report.

DN: Really Fish, really, we got Ken Anderson on the line and your playing the 1 2 3 Kid? Really? Ken you said that your out in New York working on your acting and we know that you have some scripts in the pipe.

KA: I had a couple show in New Jersey on Friday and Saturday and I thought that I would kill 2 birds with one stone so I set up acting classes plus meetings with my team along with auditions.

DH: So it’s safe to say we?ll see Ken Anderson in Tooth Fairy 2?

MH: I think that’s Dave Herro channeling the fact that he wants to see Ken Anderson in a too-too.

DH: Thanks a lot.

DN: Ken you said that you were out at some TNA house show events?.

KA: Actually they were independent events.

DH: Michael O?Brien.

KA: Actually James Soubasis.

DN: Hey Dave Herro wrong for once!

MH: Hey do you want to be wrong or do you want to be happy?

DN: Ken there’s a lot of rumors about TNA’s house shows and the fact that they may walk away from it?.

KA: This is the first thing I?m hearing about it. I kinda like the fact that I was able to tape a month’s worth of TV in 4 days and I?m not kidding you it was great to have the rest of the month off to rest your body. That’s the one thing about being on the road 52 weeks a year maybe that’s why I was injury prone was that I was working 5 days a week.

MH: Wait a minute did Ken Anderson say that he’s injury prone? Or is that acting classes?

KA: Yes that is the acting classes big shout-out to my acting coach
DN: You know it must be nice to look outside in your Minnesota house and say that I?m going to Orlando for a PPV.

KA: Orlando is one of my favorites places Universal Studios and Disney World are my 2 favorites places on planet Earth and I don?t care what you say you can make fun of me all you want I don?t care. I?m still a kid at heart.

DN: Have you traveled up and down the OBT?

KA: Have not.

MH: Now that is an adventure all in itself!

KA: I have no idea what you guys are even talking about.

DN: TNA Wrestling basically Hogan came in, Bischoff came in, in 6 months from now where do you see yourself in TNA?

KA: Well I still see myself there from a year? oh wait I?m on a show by show basis, I?m not a team player.

DN: If it’s on the internet then it must be true.

KA: I?ll be there for at least a year. I think that wrestling is missing entertainment and trying to masquerade like it’s afraid of UFC but there 2 totally different animals but when someone like Kurt Angle comes along and that’s special and different. I think that things will be looking up in the next 6 months.

DH: Well they definitely have the horses to do it you?ve got Ken Anderson, Bobby Lashley.

KA: Ken Anderson.

DH: I hear ya.

KA: Ken Anderson you know what I?m saying.

DN: The Nasty Boys.

KA: I tell you what. I don?t care I love the Nasty Boys there funny.

DH: Hey they already have there own T-Shirts so there staying for awhile.

DN: Thank you again Ken we?ll talk to down the road.

KA: Thanks and ladies the pleasure was all yours?

DH: Meathead was talking to you.

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