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Video interview:

TNA’s Mick Foley, wrestling’s most eloquent and measured star, sits down with Rob Leigh to chew the fat as his latest memoir, Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal, is released.

The above clip is a special preview of the 25-minute interview coming very soon. Click on the video player for two exclusives where Mick confirms that he would go into the WWE Hall of Fame if asked – extending beyond what he has previously stated in that he would do it if his kids wanted him to – and also how he may be revealed as “the guy that screwed up the long-term plans, for a legitimate reason” for EV2.0 in TNA.

And in the full interview, posted on next week, Mick chats about:

– The atypical recording artist that has proved surprising musical inspiration for some of Mick’s biggest matches

– His opinions on the handling of the current Ken Anderson-Jeff Hardy concussion storyline in TNA

– Where his incredible recent promos with Ric Flair stand in his career-wide body of vocal work

– How he feels about his rapid back-and-forth TNA face and heel turns

– His charity work with RAINN

– Why working as a WWE announcer didn’t work out for him creatively