Mick Foley has a new blog up on the TNA Wrestling website discussing how sales for his new book “Countdown to Lockdown” didn’t go the way he thought it would and how it could be his first memoir not to be a New York Times best-seller.

“So maybe Countdown didn’t put up the type of numbers I would have liked; I always knew selling a fourth memoir was going to be an uphill climb. At least I climbed as high as I could, talked about it as much as I could, did 19 book-signings in 3 different countries. Unless there is some kind of dramatic spike from The Daily Show, this will be my first memoir not to be a NY Times best-seller. Of course, if it hits a chart in Canada or the UK, the book immediately becomes “The International Best-seller” and since there is no scientific method for defining the word, “runaway” (in a non-Joan Jett fashion) I might as well attach that word to it as well.

But in all likelihood, that is not going to happen. Now that the smoke has cleared, it’s just me and a book that didn’t do as I’d hoped. Nonetheless, I’m pretty pumped up about what the book tour accomplished. I got to travel around and meet great fans, some of whom waited on some pretty excessive lines (Manchester) and some on no lines at all (talking to you Ft Bragg) I told lame jokes, did the Rocky impression around the loop, and apparently made some people happy along the way.”

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