Results courtesy of John Benoit and PWInsider:

To open Impact Fortune was punishing a ref over last week’s 8 man tag finish. With Flair looking on from the ramp, Matt Morgan came up from behind and put Flair in a headlock and said let the ref go, which Fortune did. Morgan let Flair go to end the segment. During the break it was announced that there will be a 3 way knockout match and that Mr. Anderson is making his return to Impact tonight.

Our 1st match is Douglas Williams vs. Kaz in singles action. Williams beat Kaz with his backwards finisher. It was a good opening bout between two great wrestlers.

We are then shown a backstage segment where Morgan tells Williams great win but then out of nowhere Fortune attacked until TNA officials broke it up.

Up next is an in- ring segment where we finally get hear Devon’s side of the story. Devon comes out to Team 3D music and tells Bubba to get out here and let’s settle this. Bubba eventually shows up walking slowly but stops at the bottom of the ramp. Devon calls Bubba a bully and a coward. He says without him there is no Team 3D, then Devon thanks Taz for signing them to ECW. Bubba calls Taz washed up. Taz then gets a mic and says Bubba stop this and cross the line and get in the ring. Bubba goes off on Taz and Taz says take those f’ing shades and get in the ring. Devon says Shannon Moore is right, Bubba is a douchebag. The crowd starts a douchebag chant and says the only reason why they lasted so long is because of Devon. Devon says there is an old saying that if yo u want some come get some and goes after bubba. Bubba grabs So Cal Val and throws her into Devon and Bubba runs backstage to end the segment. Awesome segment by Devon and must see when it airs.

Next up is a knockouts 3 way match: Sarita vs. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne. Rayne comes via Tara and Tara is standing by the bike and outta nowhere Mickie James attacks Tara and they fight for a few minutes in the Impact Zone before taking it outside and our 3 way match finally begins.

Sarita beat Love to win the 3 way match. Rather short 3 way match with nothing special really happening.

Next up Matt Morgan vs. Ric Flair’s handpicked guy to face him. Flair’s handpicked guy is Rhino, so we have Morgan vs. Rhino.

The match opens up and goes back and forth with the crowd behind Morgan. After a few minutes Morgan was busted open by Rhino and Morgan lands the Carbon Footprint and as the ref counts 3 Fortune runs down and attacks Morgan. RVD comes out to help but is cutoff by Rhino and they fight to the back so the beat down continues and Jeff’s Hardy music plays. He comes to the ring, chair in hand, as he was about to chairshot Morgan Anderson, with steel pipe in hand, runs downs and Fortune bails to the outside. Then after a few minutes Anderson calls for the mic and it falls down. The first thing he does is thanks Morgan for defending him for the past month on the concussion issue and then asks him if he need a ref for Sunday. They put their heads together and now Anderson is special guest ref for the main event at Final Resolution. Anderson also tells Jeff to watch his back because his time is coming soon since he is gonna call it down the middle. He says he can’t shake Morgan’s hand but Ander son has a feeling the “bigger” man will win on Sunday and that ends the segment.

Next up is a Jersey fist bump showdown and JB introduces Robbie E. with Cookie. Competitor 2 in the fist bump showdown is Jay Lethal. Robbie E. gets to make his opening statement and cuts a promo about their match Sunday and then Robbie does his fist pump to his techno music. Then Jay makes his statement and says if he ever came to where Jay grew up he would get all his stuff stolen and beat up, and then he starts his fist bump, then beats up Robbie and it goes backstage. Robbie gets the upper hand to end it but at Final Resolution it gonna be Robbie E. vs. Lethal for the X title with Cookie suspended in a cage 25 feet up in the air, to avoid getting involved in the match.

Tonight’s Impact main event is Abyss and Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe and The Pope. For some reason the white casket is at ringside. It ended in a no- contest as Jarrett tried to use his guitar on Joe. Joe kicked it and broke it. Pope and Abyss fought at ringside and Pope banged into the casket and closed the lid. Suddenly out of nowhere Angle opened it from the inside and helped clear the ring of Abyss and Jarertt to end the segment, which overflowed into Reaction.