TNA X-Division Champioship
Stipulation: Cookie suspended above the ring in a shark cage
Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Before the match, Cookie refused to get in the shark cage. Referee Earl Hebner grabbed her by the hair, but Jay Lethal got involved to take out Robbie E. Cookie decides to leave and head up the ramp. As she taunts Hebner, Shark Boy’s music hits and he walks down the ramp telling Cookie to get in the shark cage. He puts Cookie on his shoulders and puts her inside the shark cage. The bell officially rings as the shark cage is lifted up. Lethal with chops to Robbie. Robbie bails to the outside and Lethal follows him down. Cookie is screaming for Robbie as Lethal gets in more chest chops. Lethal then crotches Robbie over the top rope. Lethal with another big chest chop and then launches Robbie off the ropes to the ring. More chops by Lethal. Fans in Orlando are loving the chops. Robbie fights back launching Lethal into the corner. Cookie is still screaming. Robbie looks up and says, “Cooks, I got’em!” Robbie then sends Lethal with force into the corner. Robbie with a headlock keeping Lethal grounded. Lethal fights to his feet, but Robbie is able to apply more pressure and drops Lethal back down to the mat. The referee checks on Lethal once, twice and on a third he is able to keep his arm up. Lethal fights to his feet and sends Robbie face first into the corner. Lethal with right hands and chops to Robbie. Lethal with explosive forearm and knife edge chop. Lethal with his flipping elbow into a Lethal Combo for a close two count. Both appear to collide in the middle of the ring. Cookie then tosses what looks to be a chain at Robbie from the shark cage up top. Referee Earl Hebner sees this and takes it away. Cookie then throws down hairspray. Lethal intercepts and sprays it in the face of Robbie. Referee Earl Hebner sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ & STILL X Division Champion: Robbie E

After the match, Cookie is lowered down and exits the shark cage. She grabs the TNA X Division Championship and shows it off as Robbie E tries to recover after being sprayed in the face with hairspray. Jay Lethal argues with the referee a bit about the finish and then heads to the back. Shark Boy’s music hits and he comes into the ring. Cookie slaps him twice. Shark Boy with a Stunner on Cookie.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Tommy Dreamer. He talks about the Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino tonight in a first blood match and how tonight will truly be the end of an extreme era. Dreamer said if it wasn’t for that scumbag Eric Bischoff that none of this would be happening.

A video package runs highlighting the events between Rob Van Dam and Rhino.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino in a First Blood match is up next.