Brother Ray on Team 3D going separate ways

The Miami Herald is featuring an extensive interview with TNA’s Brother Ray discussing the break up of Team 3D and how they will now go their separate ways in TNA.

“Right now we’re embarking on a part of our career that we’ve kind of been forced into, due to the fact that there are a lack of teams for Me and Devon to wrestle. We’ve wrestled everybody over and over again. So we took the next natural step, and who knows where this step will take us.

The first time me and Devon ventured out by ourselves it wasn’t that successful because it was very gimmicky for Devon. He wasn’t allowed to really be himself or a natural extension of his own personality. I think this time [in TNA] it’s going to work out a lot better for us.

At the end of the day, the great thing that me and Devon have which we can always fall back on is the same thing Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have. You can always put the make-up back on and go play rock-n-roll all night, and people will pay to see it. Me and Devon can always get back together and put people through tables, and the people will pay to see it.”

Full interview:
TNA’s Brother Ray makes most of that opportunity

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